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What is the scariest video you have ever seen?

7 answers | my answer: SCARIEST FRIKKIN ENYA SONG EVER!!! the pic doesn't...

On a scale of 0-10, how close are you to your family?

35 answers | my answer: hmmm, well, it really just depends. When I don't ge...

What's the worst/stupid song to you?

14 answers | my answer: any Justin Bieber song. I had to suffer through "Ne...


16 answers | my answer: ROOT BEER!!! :D

YouTube video?

3 answers | my answer: I have no idea what video you're talking about, but...

What's One Thing or Person That You Have A Lot of Pics Of?

48 answers | my answer: Mostly LotR stuff (some anime), some of it is damn ...

What do you want to be when you grow up?

28 answers | my answer: Hmmm, a Hobbit! ;)

R we pretty??

16 answers | my answer: yes, you both look pretty good ^^

What do you have to say about that boy in Florida that got shot for wearing hoodie?

11 answers | my answer: But oh, he was suspicious! I'm pissed. Geez, it'...

Has your crush ever caught you staring at them?

23 answers | my answer: I can stare at him all I want. He'll never catch me...