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lacage0 said about Damon & Bonnie
Ok, I didn't watch the episode but read the boards and then went and found the part in the episode that Damon tells dopple about Jerms being out with the other witch. Dopple says that jerms would not cheat and then Damon reminds her of the ghost and made a off hand comment referring to the movie ghost. So now we have Damon looking out for Bonnie in her personal life as well. When does he care about her relationship with Jerms? Forgive me, he cares because he thinks jerms will hurt her again. Posted 13 days ago
lacage0 commented…
I found that strangely interesting his need to inform dopple of what he saw and remind her of jerms past indiscretions when it comes to Bonnie. As for the witch Damon does not trust her. Now that we have Bonnie past out and possible in danger soon, what is Damon going to do to ensure Bonnie will be ok? I mean he has saved her life (2x18), only one to care to bring her back from the dead, and now looking out for her personal interests. Any thoughts? 13 days ago
Wahinetoa commented…
I didn't watch it either, but saw gifs of him throwing shade when dopple tried to defend him. "Jeremy would never cheat." lol. Except the time he did. It was interesting that he brought that up, aye? Like he's been thinking about how he hurt her before, and looks like he's doing it again and that ain't sitting right with him because she gave so much to save Jeremy & elena, and she's the last on their list to look out for. Do you think he'll be more proactive in caring for her, since even Jeremy is busy with Liv? 12 days ago
lacage0 commented…
I vote Damon and possibly Enzo, 9 days ago
lacage0 said about Damon & Bonnie
Hey all!!!!!! Thought I would pop in and say hey and remember {Damon was the only person who truly mourned Bonnie (besides Matt) and fought and schemed to get her back. Something that her own "boyfriend" I use that term loosely, didn;t do. Dopple walks in the door in one episode and you see Damon still seated with jerms across from him drinking because the plan did not go as planned. Don't great your "girlfriend" bcuz you are brooding over her friend. Things that make you go hmmm. I do have Posted 2 months ago
lacage0 commented…
did Damon break up with dopple before or after Bonnie was brought back to life as the anchor? 2 months ago
elena1 commented…
after he broke up with Elena Slutbert after that Bonnie came back 2 months ago
lacage0 commented…
thanks 2 months ago
Wahinetoa commented…
*gasp* How'd I miss my girls post? LOVE YOU Lacage! Darn tootin' he fought for her the hardest, and while Jere helped, Damon was taking point on this mission after MONTHS Jeremy didn't do zip. Now we just need Julie not to wreck that by having him threaten her again. 'Cause srsly, hasn't learned a damn thing in 5seasons. What's character development again? ;D 2 months ago
lacage0 said about Damon & Bonnie
I think we are forgeting one thing here, Bonnie is witnessing Damon's struggles in bringing her back. I believe that part of her knows that it is not all for dopple. When jerms was going to tell Damon about bonnie's death, she looked at Damon and said no. She begged him not to say it as well as Damon. Now she is back but an anchor and will be experiencing all kinds of pain, do you see Damon sitting by & letting that happen? next question does she still have her powers now she is the anchor? Posted 5 months ago
lacage0 commented…
Now that the dopplegangers died we have another bad guy the st. augustine vampire? What is his story and if Bonnie does not have her powers, how will they deal? 5 months ago