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Interview with Sept FOTM- CullenSisters-X

Article posted over a year ago
>1. Who is your favourite male character and why?
Hmm, it's got to be Jasper! I started loving Jasper properly in the Twilight movie, when I saw how Jackson played the part, and then when I re-read the books, I was surprised that I hadn't noticed him as much before. I think he's a great character because he has a whole past that you don't know about until Eclipse, and it's brilliant to find out how he met Alice! To be honest, there's not really anything I don't love about him!

Sexism in Harry Potter?

Article posted over a year ago
At my uni we've been studying the way gender and sexism shapes the education curriculum.

This was an article we were actually given to read and debate about in a seminar:

"Harry Potter's girl trouble
The world of everyone's favorite kid wizard is a place where boys come first.
By Christine Schoefer


Four factors made me go out and buy the Harry Potter books: Their impressive lead on the bestseller lists, parents' raves about Harry Potter's magical ability to turn kids into passionate readers, my daughters' clamoring and the...

Twilight Analysis

Opinion posted over a year ago
Here are just a few interesting things I picked up from the books- some of it may sound familiar but there are some new stuff that I hadnt read before I researched this- enjoy :)

Name analysis:
Isabella - Most of us know that this mean beautiful in Italian which, along with her surname Swan, makes beautiful swan. This has connotations of the Ugly duckling story in which the “ugly duck” who was unimportant and ignored because the most beautiful and most important of all


List posted over a year ago
1) High school cafeterias are vast and spacious -- leaving plenty of room to spontaniously break into song and dance -- and are in no way packed, crowded or uncomfortable
2) It's completely acceptable for the female drama teacher to walk into the guys locker room where her young male students are showering.
3) A white, 5-foot-9 junior is the best high school basketball player in the state of New Mexico.
4) Creme brulee is a creamy custard that is totally satisfying
5) There's only one fat person at East High School


List posted over a year ago
1.Whenyou frolic with your girlfriend in the golf course, you get in trouble. When you frolic by yourself and sing, nothing happens.

2.If you wish to show your inability or dislike for dancing, it is perfectly reasonable to break out in a dance number.

3. College? It is not important, as long as you can hang out with your friends.

4. If your love is strong enough, fireworks will go off, and lanterns will fly away as you and your boyfriend kiss.