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Being a Man

What would you do if

9 answers | my answer: I would be pretty horrified. I would throw as many ...

Did anyone see 102 Dalmatians. .

4 answers | my answer: I have this movie and I really enjoy it

What were your favorite Disney films when you were a child?

7 answers | my answer: Here's some I really enjoyed when I was a kid. C...

Disney Renaissance Villains Scorecard

3 answers | my answer: Ursula - Love Gaston LeGume - Dislike Jafar - Neu...

Disney Golden Age Villains Scorecard

2 answers | my answer: The Evil Queen Grimhilde - Neutral Stromboli - Hat...

Disney Villains Scorecard

3 answers | my answer: The Evil Queen Grimhilde - Neutral Lady Tremaine -...
Harry Potter

What is your boggart?

11 answers | my answer: I'm actually not sure. I would have to face a bogga...

what is hetalia?

7 answers | my answer: THIS is Hetalia! XD

i need some new anime's

10 answers | my answer: Elfen Lied It has: Violence Romance No sexy guy...

Post a pic of a character from an anime or manga that is/went insane/crazy or is pure psycho

23 answers | my answer: Lucy/Nyu will hunt you down and kill you! DX