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legend_of_roxas said about Random
I don't get people that say they hate drinking water. Posted 23 hours ago
Mauserfan1910 commented…
It literally tastes like sand and costs way too much. I'll take dirty well water any day 23 hours ago
Mauserfan1910 commented…
Wait, are you talking about bottled drinking water or just any drinking water? 23 hours ago
Mauserfan1910 commented…
Oh. I don't get it either. I tend to drink straight from the old well that we have on the ranch 5 hours ago
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Hi Cody, my friend! Glad you like my friendship presents posted to your club, both the GIF & a video. That's how much I like you. More like a brother, not just a best friend. Thanks for your add back & for your prop, my friend, so here's a prop for you in return. Glad we can be friends. If you like, you can vote on my latest poll. Here's a link for you just in case you're interested => link Thank you. Your best friend Mark :-D Posted 7 days ago
BJsRealm said …
Hi Cody! If you wanna know just how much I like you, please follow these 2 quick links to your own club => link & link If you still like me, please fan them both. That would be a sign for me that you still wanna be my friend. If not, at least I would know that you have seen both of my friendship presents. It's as simple as that. LY M8! Your best friend Mark :-D Posted 10 days ago
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Hi Cody, my friend! How are you? Thanks for your add back & for your friendly prop as well. Glad we can be friends. Thank you for joining The Gay Love Club. Hope you like it. Also hope to stay in touch more often. Sorry for a late response btw. Nice to hear from you. Please don't ever leave me! Check your club for some friendly presents. That's how much I like you. Hope you like it! Take care, my friend & please stay in touch! Your best friend Mark :-D Posted 13 days ago
legend_of_roxas said about Random
I wish I liked eggs then my choices for breakfast would increase by 75%. But alas I find them repulsive. Posted 14 days ago
CatsLover8 commented…
yogurt/banana will give the same benefits 14 days ago
legend_of_roxas commented…
Ooo bananas and yogurt sounds good right now. 14 days ago
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here is a prop 4 u i hope u have had a good week Posted 22 days ago
big smile
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Hiii Posted 23 days ago
legend_of_roxas said about Random
"You just can't get good help these days. They always try to murder me." ~ Me if I was rich and could afford a dozen butlers and maids. Posted 28 days ago
legend_of_roxas said about Random
Sometimes I forget my own name. I think my brain is busted. Posted 1 month ago
Mauserfan1910 commented…
lol I actually forget my own name sometimes, I tend to accidentally write my maiden name on shit from time to time 1 month ago
TheLefteris24 commented…
I tend to do that as well. Actually, there are times where I even forget my existence as a whole. Mostly when I'm getting caught up in something but still !!!! 1 month ago
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Hello there. Thank you very much for the add. Posted 1 month ago