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Love Saved my Life

Opinion posted over a year ago
Me, back in the depression days :/
Some of you may already know it, a few may have an idea, others probably don't even care, but I'm gonna tell you anyway, tell you how love saved my life. Well, I've always been a shy person, and it was hard for me to make friends, I ended up being alone in the end. School was hell for me for some years, people I thought were real friends started making fun of me, making my school time an horrible one. The fact that I would start crying easily made it worst, I had the feeling that something was wrong with me, that I was not normal, I started hating myself. Some years later it got better,...

I Love You (From Mário to Vanessa)

Opinion posted over a year ago
Something is missing
I can feel it everyday
My heart calls for you
It feels incomplete
The part that is missing
It's so far away
But yet it's enough
To fill every day
With happiness and joy
My heart needs yours
Closely they feel complete
Beating together is how they belong
The perfect union
The best song in the universe
Our two heartbeats together
The greatest love song ever
Echoing through the universe

I love you and live you Vanessa *-*

Opinion posted over a year ago
Me and Nessie. Two bodies, one soul *-*

You brightened up my life and gave color to my black & white world. I have to thank you for all the love you give to me and all the trust you have on me, for being so understanding and sweet. You are so beautiful in every way, truely an angel. It's not possible to describe in words how much you mean to me, I love you too much. You are my life and I'm gonna live you. We are as one, one soul divided in two bodies, sharing the pain and the happiness together, the good and the bad moments. Always remember how much I care for you. I want you to be happy, very happy, so...

Day Seven, October 6th 2008 (Mário's view)

Opinion posted over a year ago
A "throwing water thing" kinda near the Post Office in Lisbon
Today Vanessa was supposed to rest her feet cause they were hurting, but she sent me a message early saying that we had to go to Lisbon to cancel the bus travel back. After lunch we went to Lisbon then. On the boat, Opa moved from the sit behind us to another cause we started kissing xD After a while the ferry reached Lisbon. Nessie only had the name of the street where we had to go to cancel the bus travel back, so I got a Lisbon map and looked for it. We both sitted and tried to find the street on the map, but there were too many streets :S We ended up finding it thanks to an hotel that was...

Day Six, October 5th 2008 (Mário's view)

Opinion posted over a year ago
Me and Nessie on "Parque da Cidade"
Today Vitor and Ana came with us in the afternoon for a walk, a big one. We went to a park called "Parque da Cidade" which is kinda far. There we ate ice-cream while looking at a lake with ducks. I was close to Nessie, but the most we did was just hugging each other, no kiss yet --' After leaving the park, we headed to a supermarket and bought water bottles for all, Doritos and Donuts ^^ Later, Vitor persisted in going to the beach, I didn't feel like walking more, but we ended up going. It was great that we went though, it was really nice there, and Ana took the cutest picture of us there *-*...