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lovewar66 said about Twilight Series
OMG Jasper and Carlisle is alive I'm so relieved because I was freakin out Posted over a year ago
lovewar66 said …
I thought carisle and jasper died, I was a wreck. I'm happy thier alive. Posted over a year ago
GospelRapper said …
Hey how are you doing Ms.Latrice? I'm Carlos, a Gospel rapper that go by
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"Strength" music video link Posted over a year ago
This is the craziest stuff ever. I couldnt believe it HE actualy was A, I really thought it was Paige but HIM and Nate or Lindon or whatever was WOW. It's just HE was one of my favorite characters. It was double the betrail. Posted over a year ago
Omfss I can't believe it was Toby I mean my god this is crazy. That was a double packed betrail. It's just sad. Posted over a year ago
lovewar66 said about Misfits
I love this TV show it's super cool. Posted over a year ago
lovewar66 said about Slytherin
I was talking to my mom about HP& CoS and I got to the Basilisk and she said whose an asslick and I busted out laughing, it was hilarious. Then I was taunting my sister and she said I looked like Voldemort and then I start crying:'( Though he was hot before he left Hogwarts, but still. Posted over a year ago
lovewar66 said about Sprite
Sprite is the best thing ever sence the invention of electricty!!!!!!!(x6000) Though it feels like it:) Posted over a year ago
I love Severus so much and if he was gay he'd be with someone better. But I do love slash M/M. Posted over a year ago
BlackHound commented…
See, that's why writing in an Alternate Universe is great. Lucius is a better man. over a year ago
Danea commented…
Agreed over a year ago
lovewar66 said …
Watching the superbowl and i only know half of what there saying. Posted over a year ago