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I wish you a fantastic week end Posted 4 months ago
Hey!!! How are you? I miss you a lot, I wish you'd come here more often..

Love you!! ♥♥<3 Posted over a year ago
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Henriiett said …
What's up? I like your icon+motto. :D Posted over a year ago
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♥♥•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ ✫ "Your friend is the man who knows all about you,
and still likes you." ¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ ✫ *♥♥ Posted over a year ago
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annale gave me props for my images
LIKE YOUR ICON VERY VERY MUCH!! :D you like Sherlock Holmes??? - I LOVE it!! It's the best movie EVER to me!! ^^ Posted over a year ago
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hey we have the same motto
love RDJ icon, i adore him<3 Posted over a year ago
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Hii sweet sis!!! how are you??? :*:*:* I miss you so much :( I hope you're okay, I am not so active on FB or tweeter.. specially on tweeter :( I don't know why lol, maybe I'm too used with fanpop :))
I wish you to have a wonderful week-end... and I hope to speak with you..
Take care!!! :*:*:* Love you so much!!!♥♥ Posted over a year ago
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annale gave me props for my images
Love your icon so much!! - well i think we are both a little Little bit rdjr obsessed xD !! Posted over a year ago
lucaslover528 commented…
haha just a tad! :P i adore that man.. over a year ago
lucaslover528 said about One Direction
I still remember when this fanclub only had 12 fans! :') So proud of all they've achieved! xxx Posted over a year ago
mina27 commented…
awww :') over a year ago
RnBStar13 commented…
Same here! feels like just yesterday! :') over a year ago
CullenSisters-X commented…
I know, right? :) over a year ago
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Thanks, I'm glad you like them :D ♥ Posted over a year ago