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Thanks for the add. Posted over a year ago
luinwen said about Blair & Chuck
So I was with friends we start talking about GG, this girl I bearly know goes into the GG and abuse I tell her my story with an abuive bf she say oh well bad for you but they are and blabla stupid stuff as usual later I found out she is a big cris bown fan, I was like she goes nuts about a show with no abuse and loves a real person who beat her girlfriend? Posted over a year ago
luinwen said about Blair & Chuck
ok I don't really like to bash dair fans, really and a lot of times on tumblr I just pass theirb rants buts this one girl, posted that if blair and chuck get married, chuck's vows will fall short to dans, and then said that chuck has never made a grand declaration of love to blair, I guess she missed the last episode of season 1, anyway they're sooo funny and cute lol Posted over a year ago
HHR08 commented…
Oh my gosh.... Sometimes I really wonder whether some Dair fans are watching the same show we are... (remember when they made the petition because of the "domestic abuse" between Chair? Yeah.) over a year ago
luinwen commented…
they are a little delusional, and ofcourse I do, I wrote a rant about it on tumblr, I want to write it in the gg page over a year ago
laurik2007 commented…
somtimes I wonder if they watch the same show as we do ...or just parts of 'Inside' over a year ago
luinwen said about Blair & Chuck
HI I just want to share this here, is my rant about chuck and blair and the claims they are abusive, Posted over a year ago
luinwen said about Blair & Chuck
hey this is my new GG/chair tumblr, Posted over a year ago
luinwen said about Blair & Chuck
in tumblr some dair fans are still saying they are endgame, I respect loving your ship even if it sank (I was a harry/hermione shipper) but being so bitter, delusional and just not accepting it is over, even in words of an executive producer is just...sad Posted over a year ago
Stephxcullen commented…
Couldn't agree more. They are going to be so crushed during S6 ... over a year ago
luinwen commented…
god they are even saying GG blackmailed her into choosing chuck, and that what the producers have said may aplay to dair I mean wtf over a year ago
princess_mimi commented…
don't be angry.. let them keep dreaming.. who cares?? the universal truth is chuck and blair.. Dair is just a time pass love story.. over a year ago
luinwen said about Gossip Girl
I'm just hoping they don't pull a Marissa Cooper on Serena, she might not be my fave characther and never was even in my top5, and her characther has been going downhill I would be so sad and angry if she dies Posted over a year ago
purple-passion commented…
i know its like she has become a member of the family or something. I would be devastated if she died of some overdose. At least Marissa died honorably-ish. An overdose is the direction she is headed if her friends don't find her in time. Hopefully they will find her and help her. over a year ago
LaiaMaria commented…
We'll see what happens over a year ago
luinwen said about Blair & Chuck
I know it's mean and all, but I also know if blair had chosen dan, dair shippers would be soo nasty with chair, so I find it kinda funny how they say that an abusive realtiopnship won, and are so angry and sorry for the word butthurt, well they even said we were delusional and a lot of mean things so, in the end who is laughing, :p ok rant over, sorry for spelling mistakes I'm on a hurry, now off to study for my finalas wooo Posted over a year ago
cordyangel commented…
Evil laugh over a year ago
luinwen said about Gossip Girl
Even if I do agree with next season being the last, I feel 11 episodes is too little Posted over a year ago
LaiaMaria commented…
well, a bit......but I think it'll be enough to make serenate and chair be endgame ;) over a year ago
cachetona commented…
yes!! me too, i think is too little....but i prefer that than nothing!!! team chair 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! over a year ago
GossipGirlStyle commented…
But now that they have Sara goodman mabye the ratings will go up?Mabye she will write amazing stuff, I’m really upset now because they don’t have enough time to fix all in 11 episodes, We should get a WHOLE season, and I’m gonna try to make it happen starting this summer. And if some of you live in the us, just tell your friends and everyoene you know to just turn on the tv when gossip girl will come back in the fall. Come on we can’t back down!! over a year ago
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☆ Thanks for the add back ^_^ ☆ Nice to meet you ^-^ Posted over a year ago