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Twilight Series

What year was EDWARD turned into a vampire

7 answers | my answer: 1918 carlisle found him dying of Spanish influenza
Twilight Series

Hi guys I have read the book and it blow my mind…I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the movie to watch for free online? Please

1 answer | my answer: i'm glad you liked it you can watch twilight and ne...
Twilight Series

I'm team switzerland... Is anyone else?

10 answers | my answer: Omg!!!! I'm totally Team Switzerland !!! Afer readi...
The Runaways Movie

Can someone please e-mail me the full runaways script? i'm having trouble accessing e-mail is

2 answers | my answer: Sent!!!
The Runaways Movie

Does anyone have the Runaways or eclipse script? If you do please email me to me at Thank you!

1 answer | my answer: yes sure i can send you both!!!
The Runaways Movie

in the trailer does kristen say 'open up you filthy vermin" or what??

3 answers | my answer: Actually she says "open up ya, filthy varmit"