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mammasgurl said about Mortal Kombat
i think noob kicks asss!!PERIOD!!!!! Posted over a year ago
Marshally90 commented…
Beated noob in expert with Jade! over a year ago
EyelessJack1213 commented…
Noob saibot is the only noob that is good at what he does over a year ago
big smile
kendallgirl4 said …
ok heller too! Posted over a year ago
mammasgurl commented…
lol over a year ago
mammasgurl said about Books to Read
books(aside from art mayb) r my LIFE! Posted over a year ago
i vote family gut.dat show is friggin awsum. Posted over a year ago
claire12392 commented…
i like simpsons better over a year ago
mammasgurl said about Destiny's Child
does any1 kno a song by them calld nasty girl? Posted over a year ago
mammasgurl said about Destiny's Child
i luv girl,datwas a gud song Posted over a year ago
mammasgurl said about Valentine's Day
Its my least favorite holiday,im only in it 4 the candy.sorry,nd its only a holiday 2 celebrate how couples rub in single people's faces.Y DONT I HAV A BF!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
best........videos......EEEEEVVVVVVAAAAA!!!!! Posted over a year ago
thunderslasher commented…
the last one sucked i cant do better but why is his vidoes sucking right now he should creat a song about phskos over a year ago
thunderslasher commented…
phyco i ment over a year ago
mammasgurl commented…
well....dat IS true. over a year ago
mammasgurl said about Snoop Dogg
i luv the song young,wild,and free!!darts my new theme song rite ther! Posted over a year ago
ray ray is cute,not i want 2 date him cute,he's cute as a baby sorta cute. Posted over a year ago
rayraywifie143 commented…
true over a year ago