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MBAV INSIDER: hey guys uh my computer and iPod are both acting up so just go on my tumblr and my twitter for some awesome news you all can sink your fangs into! My tumblr is MBAVRU1ES.TUMBLR.COM and my twitter is MBAVFAN500! See you all there! :D Posted over a year ago
Hello fellow Fanged Mortals! I wanna ask all of you a question... Now is it just me or would it be totally cool if Kenton Duty guest starred on an episode of MY BABYSITTER'S A VAMPIRE!!! I think he would be perfect as Benny and Ethan's 6th grade bully who just so happens to show up at their school. :) Posted over a year ago
hinataxneji1 commented…
I don't know if he'll be good as a bully, but he's cute. Maybe he should. :) over a year ago
lindsayb1100 commented…
he's cute! ge soo should! over a year ago
-and last but certainly not least we have to spread the word to everyone we know about how AWESOME our favorite tv show is! So if all of us want a third season of MY BABYSITTER'S A VAMPIRE then we have to do what fresh tv told us to do... Watch it everywhere, buy their merchandise and spread the word to everyone we know about how awesome the show is! Get more people to love MBAV! MBAV FOREVER!!! :D :D :D Posted over a year ago
emactrip1 commented…
You are totally rite I'm Also obsessed w/mbav over a year ago
MBAV INSIDER: Calling all MY BABYSITTER'S A VAMPIRE fanatics! ATTENTION all MBAV fans I was just on and they said that that whoever wants another season of their favorite show must watch it online, on tv pretty much any where they can watch it plus we have to buy our favorite tv shows merchandise you know like DVDs, t-shirts any merchandise they have available of or about our fav tv shows- Posted over a year ago
Now if you watch the first season you can kinda tell Sarah might have a tiny crush on Ethan due to the fact she acts very different around him then she does with the others. So I think she likes him even if she doesn't like him as much as he likes her they still like each other. And judging by the scenes in the second season they seem to be getting closer if you know what I mean. ETHAN AND SARAH FOREVER!!! :D Posted over a year ago
Hey guys if all of you saw Vanessa Morgan's live chat with Atticus Mitchell then you already know that she said in the second season of MBAV there is a lot more E-SARE (a.k.a Ethan and Sarah) moments! Now personally i think Sarah and Ethan would make a cute couple, what do you guys think? Posted over a year ago
etharah93 commented…
What exactly did she say? Cause I didn't get a chance to see the chat, I was so disappointed I forgot she was having it :( over a year ago
hinataxneji1 commented…
I remembered, but I had school and it was like 3 am. :'( over a year ago
jujuatom commented…
I love Etharah, but I didn't see the chat! over a year ago
MBAV INSIDER: Hey guys I just found out that the alternate ending for the MY BABYSITTER'S A VAMPIRE season finale that aired in Canada will be in the first episode of the second season "welcome back dusker"! So for those of you who didn't see the alternate ending of the season finale of MBAV don't worry 'cause you guys will get the chance to see it when the second season of MBAV premiers June 29th at 8:00 on Disney channel! Posted over a year ago
MBAV INSIDER: Hey guys I just wanted to let all of you know that Vanessa Morgan's live chat with special guest star Atticus Mitchell will be this saturday May 26th. And yes you heard right Atticus Mitchell will be on Vanessa Morgan's live chat with her, so you'll deffinitly wanna check that out! Well that's all for now, see ya later Fanged Mortals! Posted over a year ago
-thousand times... Granted I love those videos so much I would watch them a million times but it would be nice to see new videos of the cast and the set of MBAV! Oh btw all the Matthew knight fans out there Matthew is deffinitly going to be in those extras on the MBAV DVD! So all of us will deffinitly have something awesome to look forward to when we buy the MBAV DVD, besides the awesomeness the MBAV movie and the episodes already have to offer! So that's all for now MBAV fans! :) Posted over a year ago
hinataxneji1 commented…
I just WISH they would release the DVD in the Middle East so I won't have to cry my words out. over a year ago
jujuatom commented…
Ahhhhhhh I am SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!! over a year ago
MBAV INSIDER: Hey all ya MBAV fanatics out there, i as usual was just doing my weekly researching for more info about MBAV. And you'll never guess what I found... I went on tumblr and Walmart and both websites say there extras on the MY BABYSITTER'S A VAMPIRE DVD, the extras on the DVD include exclusive meet the cast of MBAV features and a behind-the-scenes look on the set of MBAV!!! So hopefully those extras on the MBAV DVD aren't the videos on YouTube all of us have already seen like a- Posted over a year ago