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migle said about Hannibal TV Series
OMG the finale was Amazing. the most perfect ending I could imagine Posted over a year ago
SherlockStark commented…
It was so wonderful, so amazing and it was so awful and I am crying right now over a year ago
Oh fucking Hell. Damon's gone. Elena's love gone. they finally were together and now he's Dead. with no possibility to came back. Shit. they just repeated "House" ending. after House and Cuddy were finally together. they made her to leave an never came back. it's so unfair. why they have to kill my show. I'll probably would have this to watch now. Posted over a year ago
escada commented…
Damon will come back! over a year ago
charmeddexter commented…
He will be back in season 6. TVD doesn't kill off characters permanently especially main characters. over a year ago
laurik2007 gave me props for my images
icon ♥ Posted over a year ago
What an episode. OMG. so so super. I so Love this show. Katherine that bitch and Klaus coming. what a drama. can't wait to see what happens next Posted over a year ago
JAlanaE commented…
Yeah, I can't wait to see what Katherine is going to do in Elena's body! over a year ago
migle commented…
OMG, I think she might want to get Stefan, it will drive Damon insane over a year ago
dermer4ever commented…
yeah i think thats exactly what she will do over a year ago
migle said about Huddy
I can not believe about finale and that Cuddy wasn't in it... it sucks.... why the hell Lisa E. couldn't came back for one episode.....
House is over... no Huddy nothing.... :( depressing week Posted over a year ago
HuddyAlways commented…
I also felt really miss the Cuddy at the end of the series even more when I saw all the guests. Even in the special series, Lisa E. only appeared in a scene. over a year ago
OMG OMG OMG.... this is the best finalle ..... can't wait for anothe season :D this is fantastic.... Posted over a year ago
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migle said about House M.D.
Amazing episode :D I hoped to see Blythe one day and the story about House's real was awesome :D I loved it :D Posted over a year ago
HousesCane commented…
Wait... was there a new episode yesterday? over a year ago
AHarpist commented…
If so I missed it DX over a year ago
loiscklane commented…
the race was on fox so we couldnt see it =( over a year ago
It was amazing episode !!!!!!! OMG, can't believe that it was mother. but I wish that Claus would be dead Posted over a year ago
migle said about House M.D.
Great last episode. I loved those turtle raise :D Posted over a year ago
migle said about The Vampire Diaries
Happy Birthday Ian're the best, We Love YOU Posted over a year ago