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A random poem, for randomness is poetic...

Opinion posted over a year ago
Tears of goodbye
Tears of fear
holding onto you
it consumes your heart
it rushes to your head
you shake and cringe
you stare and you wave
you grab your chest
as if it is now hollow
you whisper a note
you whisper a love
you turn to walk
but find you can't move
you take some breathes
and count to 10
you hold on to chest
once again
you start to calm down
you start to see

Brucas VS Leyton! Underneath the layers.

Opinion posted over a year ago
Okay, So Yes we all know that Leyton/Pucas ended up together and it probably breaks Brucas Fans hearts...& yes i am one of them.
But even though Lucas and Peyton ended up together does that mean we have to forget About Lucas and Brooke? Because truthfully no one can forget about them even the Leyton fans and no one will forget about them. They made OTH the way it is (other than Naley) but we aren’t discussing them are we? :)
So now back to my point love can never be forgotten and most lives aren’t fairytales where you get the prince charming. Sometimes people don’t...

Two Poems I Wrote...

Opinion posted over a year ago

P1 - I swear i stil do
Is this the way we are going to end?
I still remember those days when we held each others hands.
And let out our feelings.
Those days when we never had a fight,
Those great nights we spent just looking at the stars.
How can we just leave like this?
How can we not believe one another?
Because everything I said was true.
And when I said I love you, I swear I still do.


Playlist of BRUCAS.

Opinion posted over a year ago
These are the songs that remind me of Brucas... sad, happy, heartbreak and love and friendship and yeah... Sometimes its just to do with Lucas Or Brooke but in the end its all about the BRUCAS :)

Shape of my heart - Backstreet boys
You belong with me - Mariah Carey
You are not alone - Micheal Jackson
Future Love - Varsity Fanclub
Mad - Neyo
How did i fall inlove with you - Backstreet boys
Part of the list - Neyo
Knock you down - Keri Hilson Ft Neyo & kanye


Opinion posted over a year ago

The songs that i write some relate to Lucas and her past life but they just remind me of her and how great she is!!

Im just a girl - Not sure about Who sings..
Promise in the dark - Keri hilson
Beautiful - Akon
Complicated - Avril Lavgine
If i was a boy - Beyonce
Piece of me - Britney Spears
Wannabe - SpiceGirls
Fighter - Christina Augleria
I'll be your crying shoulder - Goo Goo Dolls