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I miss you... I really hope everything is going well for you. Posted over a year ago
james32 said …
Thanks for the add Posted over a year ago
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RUE??! :'( U know, I don't forget about a friend so easily! Posted over a year ago
ElafTalebHEJ gave me props for my images
Rue!!! How've u been??? :D :D :D Posted over a year ago
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Yes, u are right! And I can say, I do feel a lot better now :)
Thank u Rueyy <33
How I've been? Heh, now that u mention the heat of summer where u live, I can say I'm trying to beat the cold of the "summer" here... Seriously, it's raining so much and the sun is hiding all the freaking time!! Sometimes it's better like that cuz it's not hot nor cold outside. But it's summer holiday, and I'd love to see the sun at least 4 days in a row.. Whether 3 or nothing! ;( Posted over a year ago
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Thanks ^__^ The texts in ur gallery are really cool, too ;) over a year ago
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Oh, congratulations!!! I wish u all luck Rue :D :D
Why I'm depressed? Well, u know, life ^^
It's just so much that is happening around me right now, and so many thoughts from before are entering my mind again and make my touch the sadness a bit.. But don't worry, I just have to keep standing up and live with it :) I mean, things could've been a lot worse so I should be thankful no matter how sad it makes me.. Read my motto and u'll understand some more. The "you" is everything aorund me.. Posted over a year ago
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I'm so sorry, I've been innactive and whenever I signed in I didn't have the mood to talk to anyone.. I don't know why though, but I have to say it's really good to hear from u again <3
I'm all right I guess, just a bit sad/down/upseat or whatever u wanna call it.. To be honest I feel I'm all at once :L How've u been? I missed u very much!
Thank u for remembering me Rue <333 Posted over a year ago
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Thanks for the add ^ ^

Also a fan of the Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Marvel, Villains and Kane Chronicles (reading them now)
I'm a bookworm as well (just so you know) Nice to meet you Posted over a year ago
monkey0502 commented…
The Kane Chronicles are really good. Marvel, I love Marvel <3<3<3. You're not the only bookworm ;) I have at least 500 books if not 300 over a year ago
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Random prop, just because. :V Posted over a year ago
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Also... I noticed in your motto it says,"You shoot my down," isn't it suppose to be 'me'? Sorry ^^' I just though I'd tell ya'. over a year ago
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Yea thanks, no one harped on that except you over a year ago
Rennerocks commented…
No problemo! ^^ wow really? Interesting over a year ago
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I added you ! Posted over a year ago