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mooshka said about Leyton Family<3
I am beyond PISSED about this GA episode-_-
Like SERIOUSLY!? she never stood a fucking chance?? WTF. Posted 2 hours ago
complexguy93 said …
Yeah, we do actually. I'm looking at the clubs we have in common, and it's great that you like a lot of those things. Name all your favorite shows if you feel like it. Posted 9 hours ago
complexguy93 said …
Thank you for the welcome to the LPF Posted 9 hours ago
Nicolas97 said …
Hey Mooshie we've never confirmed it but you're my Piper/Liper buddy right? Posted 10 hours ago
tvdlover gave me props for my images

Yes. I just followed you. I FREAKING LOVE THE FANART. SERIOUSLY IS BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much. <333 Posted 1 day ago
unicornsrreal said …
Yeah, but it's an 18 haha, maybe not my sort of thing;)

Yeah agreed<3 Thanks ahah. I like Owen, well I don't mind him and I'm indifferent towards Ryan :D


Yeah and it was so heartbreaking :'( </3</3 Hopefully they'll be ok *crosses fingers&every part of my body that I can cross* Posted 1 day ago
unicornsrreal commented…
True true true. I knew they'd be there but it was still adorable. I knew Cristina wouldn't win either but I wanted her to so badly! But atleast she had Owen & Mer with her! 1 day ago
unicornsrreal commented…
Yeah, same! Same ajsbdhdasn. Did you see Veronica Roth's cameo in the movie? 1 day ago
123Naki456 said …
Oh God. What is it with mothers?! You'll work it out, I'm sure

Yeees, they are both so similar, you're yet going to see how much..
I love how s1 is all butterflies and sunshine and then it get darker and s3 it..well, s3. OH I can't wait till you catch up :D Posted 1 day ago
marakii gave me props for my polls
Well we have the same except Mark/Callie that I love too <33
Well I don't know what Shonda's planning but I think ( & hope) for them to be Cristina / Crowen /Mertina centric <3 that would be lovely !
Yes I know :( and then he used that crappy excuse for Peyton not going to the BJ wedding :/ . REALLY MARK ?! You could have come up with something way better. Anyway :p Posted 1 day ago
marakii commented…
Well you should follow your dream and go the one you want :) ,mabe you should check out the one your parents want too but you know in the end decide on your favorite ;) . You want psychology right ?! or I don't remember correctly :p 1 day ago
marakii commented…
We want to this place is called "Nafplio" and it's really picturesque & beautiful . I had a great time ,we also went to an art galery and some painting were so pretty <33 ,yeap anyway it was really nice and I took many pictures :D 1 day ago
tvdlover gave me props for my videos
Yes OMG tomorrow is my birthday. I'm excited but I feel old. :( I don't have any plans yet. I really wanted to stay home tomorrow but I have to go to school. The 11th grade students in my whole state are taking the ACT tomorrow. I've to go and I've to stay in homeroom for five hours. :(

Practice is going great. I had one today and we had to stay in our heels like for 2 hours. But other than that I'm really excited for the fashion show. <3 Posted 2 days ago
tvdlover commented…
I think you'll really like season 3. It was pretty good. Don't be sorry you can ship whoever you want. :P I think Stiles x Lydia are cute but yeah Derek x Stiles are pretty much my babies. I love Stiles x Scott friendship. I love your favorites. I'm glad you like Scott so much. :P Any thoughts on Peter? 2 days ago
Nicolas97 said …
Shona Unfair Rhimes is her full name. Don't talk about Slexie to me girl please <3
Yes I did! Oh god I got so emotional already! I mean Cristina is not my favorite character but I've always liked her and I've come to loving her since season 7! Let alone the fact that she was awesome this season :( gonna miss her so badly, can't imagine what you're going through! And is Sansa your #3 now btw? I thought it was Cristina :( Posted 2 days ago