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Jessica4695 said …
I'm doing good what about youuu? I'm waiting <333 Posted 14 hours ago
marakii said …
love you more<333 Posted 1 day ago
tvdlover said …
I love you babeeeeeee Posted 1 day ago
rorymariano said …
All of these feels are making me want to rewatch too, I haven't in a few months!! So I'll explode right back at you, lol. <333 Also I'm thinking of making a George/Isabel spot and since you're basically their only other fan I thought you'd want to know :P Posted 1 day ago
rorymariano commented…
Ohhh or maybe a combo spot for George/Isabel and Richard/Anne?? Since there isn't that much stuff that's only George/Isabel! What do you think? 1 day ago
rorymariano gave me props for my images
First: ICON <33333
Second: I'm almost done with the kind words, and I'm aiming to have them sent to you tonight! Posted 1 day ago
XxXrachellXxX gave me props for my images
(forever in agony for not wearing a Robbchard icon but precious ship!! ;D) Posted 1 day ago
Kirkir said …
I was rewatching Skins for like the 100th time XD And
i started relating a lot to Effy and well my boyfriend
reminds me a lot of Freddie and our relationship is a lot
like Freffy's. So I ship them now <333 Theyre my #3
couple. I still like Ceffy but not as much and Cook is still
my favourite character ofc haha Posted 1 day ago
Kirkir said …
Hey gurl! Got some good news for ya :D
Guess who's a Freffy fan? :p Posted 1 day ago
taylor-4-ever gave me props for my videos
can you join me club Posted 5 days ago
rorymariano said …
Sorry it took me so long!! I've been a little busy with work!

Yep, that definitely sounds like my kind of ship :P

YESSSSSS. I love Robert so much, he's so amazing <33333

Lucas/Nathan was the entire point of the show and they didn't have a last scene??? And they barely had scenes in s6 too :/ Ugh, all these OTH feels from years ago are coming back up and I'm more bitter than ever :P Posted 6 days ago
rorymariano commented…
Ugh yes that scene kills me </3 And anytime he sees Belle with Will (-_-) I died. Like when he first saw them in his shop and he was smiling and stepped into the light and then he sees them and his face falls and he like stumbles back into the darkness </3 6 days ago
rorymariano commented…
Oh and I almost forgot but this post completely breaks me :(( I hate Zelena so much 6 days ago
rorymariano commented… 6 days ago