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Yes, everyone should just watch it. :P

One more day till school. /: Yes, I'll be 17. :D

I have my first practice tomorrow so I'm excited and nervous.

How are you liking it so far? Do you have any new favorites? :D Posted 4 hours ago
marakii said …
I know ,it's just too sad :( ,at least I hope we 'll get lots of Meredith&Alex's friendship in the next season . WE DESERVE THIS .
OH thankfully :) ,I was a bit scared that 10x21 would be her last one :O I wasn't ready to say goodbye to her .
I agree on everything about the award and japril . I hope Shonda give us scenes next year where Meredith's talking to the phone with Cristina ,I still haven't realized that we won't longer have Mertina *cries in a corner :(* . Posted 14 hours ago
marakii commented…
Haha ok ;) . I'lll let you know once I watch more :D . Btw ,how are you doing? Any news? 14 hours ago
unicornsrreal said …
It's ok, and ikr, PEYTON<3333

Same! Cook's actor, Jack, is in a new movie I think!

Fair enough ahah. I just didn't like how she lost her originality because of peer pressure.

I'm only on 2x03. Not very far. Don't ship anyone new yet :D

OMG I KNOW RIGHT?!? I heard that HIMYM has an alternate ending that will be on the S9 DVD.

NO! I've not seen this weeks yet. I haven't seen any shows this week :s I heard about Japril though :'( </3</3</3 Posted 16 hours ago
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BrightSparkle said …
Hey! :)
oh, wow it really has! haha! I've been good thanks honey, how about yourself? Posted 18 hours ago
Nicolas97 said …
I know I know right? Shonda does that all the time and I'm getting tired of it! It's the most epic show I've ever watched but it's also a really irritating show sometimes :(
Like in s8, it was so obvious Mark & Lexie would not end up together and she kept going that way :(
Cristina honestly deserved that Harper Avery more than anyone, and it would make sense if her leaving was at the same time she won the award </3

These girls are soooooo epic I could die <333 Mer was there ofc she was!!! Posted 20 hours ago
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Hey :)

I'm doing great, wbu ? :) What's new ? Posted 1 day ago
tvdlover gave me props for my images
Is okay, don't worry about it. :P

Yes, I agree. Way better than most of these new shows. But I'm so happy that Aline and Bee are also watching it. Because Nikita is perfect.

I'm doing great. I'm on my spring break which will end soon. :( But my birthday is on the 23th so I'm excited. :D How are you? Posted 1 day ago
marakii said …
Oh it's ok baby don't worry <3
I agree on everything about HIMYM :/ and I really have nothing else to say about it :( .
I KNOW :( I watched the promo and I was in tears :((((( ,all the flashbacks made me so emotional :((( ,she can't leave . I already miss George & Izzie so much ,I don't want to lose Cristina too . And I'm a bit confused :? the promo said that 10x21 will be the last episode of Cristina :O WHAAAAT? maybe i'm talking nonsense but I thought she would leave in the finale :( Posted 1 day ago
marakii commented…
I really liked the episode but I'm so pissed with Shonda :@ like wtf ,Cristina so deserved to win this ,that would be such a beautiful closure to her character . She wanted it since her internship and she got too close :'( UGH WHY SHONDA W-H-Y ? But that was also my favorite moment because of Owen & Meredith showing up <333 best scene of the entire episode ,I loved how they went to find her :') 1 day ago
marakii commented…
That was my main complaint oh and the japril fight which seemed really force and poorly written imo . 1 day ago
marakii commented…
Yes I did :D . I'm up to 1x13 ;) Hanna is my favorite and Spencer my second favorite but I like all 4 girls and from the boys Toby is my favorite so far ! I can't say I ship anything else even though I like the interaction between Wren/Spencer & Aria/Ezra. 1 day ago
Nicolas97 said …
If you didn't I don't wanna spoil anything! :)
I just have to say that Mertina were epic girls again last night <333 Posted 1 day ago
angiiii7 said …
I'll really try, I promise!! But I'm really busy lately :( Posted 5 days ago