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mrsspencereid said about Random
Jeez, I haven't been on fanpop in months... Posted over a year ago
-MILEY- commented…
THEN WELCOME BACK n__n over a year ago
True-Finn-Fan commented…
well... what ya been up to in your spare time then? :3 over a year ago
iamawesome7887 gave me props for my videos
Love your harry icon! xx c: Posted over a year ago
mrsspencereid commented…
Thanks! :) over a year ago
mrsspencereid said about Random
"Wait... You've never had sex?"
"I'm only fourteen!"
"What!? And you still haven't done it!?"

I am so ashamed of my generation. Posted over a year ago
restlessFashion commented…
ditto over a year ago
1DnoFan gave me props for my images
i just added you. you can add me back if you want:) btw love your icon harry is me fav too;) Posted over a year ago
XxMJLoverxX gave me props for my comments
- You ' re welcome . Posted over a year ago
kendallgirl4 said …
your motto is from the song payphone ...right? Posted over a year ago
mrsspencereid commented…
Yup :) I'm thinking about changing it. Any suggestions? over a year ago
big smile
kendallgirl4 gave me props for my images
its ok!thanks too! Posted over a year ago
mrsspencereid said about Random
Dafuq just happened to my wall!? Posted over a year ago
EvilPineapple commented…
I know right I loged on and i was all like.........Dafuq over a year ago
"I'm awesome.
No you're not, dude, don't lie." -"I'm Awesome" by Spose. Posted over a year ago
coolie gave me props for my images
I'm good. Ready for summer! WOOHOO Posted over a year ago