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My article for Dream competition

Opinion posted over a year ago
I am from India this country is known for it's beauty and various culture but I don't want it to be known only for that. You must be knowing that with relation to area our population is the highest, the government is trying to increase the literacy rate too. I'm just saying that my country is developing.

My dream is to make a quicker change, in the minds of people not in there day-to-day life. The partiality,corruption,stereotype thinking, I want to change it all. How will I do that? Maybe I can talk to them? Yes, when I grow up I will try my best, visit all the nearby villages,...

Want to look like your favorite snsd member?

Guide posted over a year ago
For you to try on an SNSD-like look, you must first know each members’ fashion style.

Though they wear uniform costumes on stage, you can catch a glimpse of their individuality during awards night, press conference and shows.

Let’s start off with the one and only Jessica, fashion analyst said that Jessica has this “trendy” style wherein she can pull off unusual and non-complimentary patterns creating a new fashion statement.


My personal favourite

Opinion posted over a year ago
My favorite girl idols are :-
1.Park Bom - The fun and confident girl, who speaks out whatever she wants to! Apart from her beautiful voice, I love her true spirit.

2.Hyuna - Did you guess that from my icons? Lol, I'm a BIG fan. From when she did her "change" video and till date. She's a very bold person.

3.Lee hyori - OMG, I love her, I love her style, I love her songs, I love her dancemoves!A straightforward woman, who doesn't care about scandals or controversies. She basically speaks her mind.


Opinion posted over a year ago
Hello there,
I am naice100, today 14.5.2011, I have formed this spot because I want ALL the kpop lovers to come together and share their views and opinions here. Just spit out whatever you want to! Feel free to post pictures,videos etc. Try to invite your friends that will really help me out. Also I formed the club "kpop girl power" you may join if you want to :)


Korea’s Most Handsome Artists Ranking 2010

Opinion posted over a year ago
01. Minho – SHINee (2494)
02. Jung Yong Hwa – C.N.Blue (2129)
03. G-Dragon – Big Bang (1774)
04. Jokwon – 2AM (1648)
05. Taecyeon – 2PM (1249)
06. Ki Kwang – Beast(1099)
07. Nichkhun – 2PM (1045)
08. Kim Hyun Joong – SS501 (1044)
09. Jonghyun – SHINee (886)
10. Dongho – U-Kiss (880)
11. Doojoon – Beast (843)
12. Onew – SHINee (699)
13. Key – SHINee (670)
14. Big Bang TOP (623)
15. Taemin – SHINee (561)
16. Hongki – FT Island (511)