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neofly said about Glee
I love this show and hope we get are season 5! Now get out of my office! Posted over a year ago
neofly said about Glee
First they have all my favorite couples split now the show really isn't the same and doesnt have a direction its just messy. And then cory the nice goofy one is in rehab and Hemo the hot adorable dancer is pregnant. They are growing up and moving forward making the fans who are trying to hold on to what once was sad. And its hard trying to except that we just can't catch up to there new level and realize life is happening and eventaully we have to say good bye to the old glee cast. Posted over a year ago
neofly said …
Havn't been on in forever wonder whats new? Posted over a year ago
Thanks your help would be great.Or just send a letter to abc or the writter. But the one letter from jakes grandpa says (The circles are coming together. Our fight is far from over). Wich pretty much says it all. Thanks again common guys we can gotthis the more wefight the better.And hey I mean send more then one letter print like 6 or whatever have friends or family sign one. The more we fight the better out come so come on show them what you made of lets go! Posted over a year ago
ggdelena commented… over a year ago
h2o-clewis commented…
We made what is impossible on Twitter ,we are one top 3 Top Twititions of all time (and our petition just stared 4 weeks ago beating petitions that started long time before) The show was second most rated show on the CW , TSC was the best show on earth! all that had to mean something! I really don't know what's up with them! over a year ago
I found a great way to save the secret circle okif you have a twitter goon there but if not just print one out. Ok so on twitter there is the letter jakes granpa gave to him and what people are doing is signing the letter then sending it to ABC to save the show. So go on type in Bring back TSC It will say @TSCRevolution an there will be a post that says save the circle new campaign aimed at the link read then click the click here print the letter and send. Or print one if you can. Posted over a year ago
Why make a season one if there is no full closer for the end. The CW does this all the time and its really pissing me the f*** off! i dont know about you guys but im gonna go on face book on twitter on any email were i can find the company and writter so i can get this show back. Im tired of them just quiting on the fans making us get into something then taking it away. if u want the show back like i do write to him write to the company it doesnt matter if its only you or more just fight it. Posted over a year ago
neofly said about Life Unexpected
I know I just posted down below but I have something to say. I truley love this show. I like it because it's different and heartwarming and funny and intense and has it's own way to relate to people. The cast is amazing even tho its fake you believe every second of it. I have tryd to save so many shows before this with people and failed. But this could be a chance to win. So if you love this show like I do and would do anything to get a movie or a season 3 please help. It would mean alot. Thanks Posted over a year ago
neofly said about Life Unexpected
I love this show and people are trying hard for a season 3 on Face book and twitter. Just type the name of the show into either or both and come help save this show and get a season 3 please. It would be great if we got full closer with this show because no one i know is ready to let go. So if you can please help and sprea the word. Posted over a year ago
ggdelena commented…
don't think that will happen because the other cast member are already in new shows over a year ago
neofly said about Dance Academy
Hey. I need help in the videos there is Kat's 2nd year and meet grace. A song plays in the back ground anyone know the name. If soo please help. Posted over a year ago
neofly said about Dance Academy
Just started this show and I'm now on season 2 hope it's good I love this show some of these characters tho need to get there head on straight. Posted over a year ago