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no1BOLTfan said about Disney's Bolt
I finally got my die-hard fan medal! Posted over a year ago
theJF commented…
Excellent! I always knew you would someday, and that it would be well earned. Great job! :-) over a year ago
no1BOLTfan said about Disney's Bolt
Hey Bolties! I'm having friend troubles and not the greatest time in high school, so any cheering up would be very appreciated. I know I can always count on you guys to do that c: Posted over a year ago
theJF commented…
Indeed you can. So sorry to hear about your problems! Maybe you could sick Bolty on your "troubling" friends, that is if the problems are solvable via brutality and swift force... XD But in all seriousness, I do hope things will start turning around for you soon, and trust that high school doesn't continue to be such a pain for ya! :-) over a year ago
ShadowBolt2012 commented…
I agree i hope you have a good time in high school, i hope everthing works ou for you in high school, i hope you enjoy your school rear in high school, dont feel sad you have friends that are there for you when you need them, i hope you are doing well in high school. over a year ago
no1BOLTfan commented…
Yup, started 2 weeks ago over a year ago
no1BOLTfan said about Disney's Bolt
Exactly four years ago, I got my very first Bolt plush <3 To this day, he is still being cuddled to death Posted over a year ago
boltz commented…
That's awesome I bet he's looking may I say slightly "well used" :) over a year ago
no1BOLTfan commented…
Very well used, haha over a year ago
no1BOLTfan said about Disney's Bolt
Hey guys, big news! At the big Disney convention, D23, today there was a special sneak peak at upcoming Disney and Pixar movies. And I was actually in the same room as Byron Howard. I was nearly in tears...heh. It was a large room and he was far away, but he was there. He's a funny guy. Anyways, that untitled movie directed by him? It isn't Bolt 2. But it's a movie called Zootopia, and it looks great! I can't wait to see it in 2016. I just wish I got to meet Byron... Posted over a year ago
BoltsHugestFan commented…
AWWW ): NOO over a year ago
OnyxChubbyDog commented…
DUDE THOUGH ZOOTOPIA LOOKS SO FUCKIN AWESOME can it just be 2019 already :> over a year ago
No1fanofBOLT commented…
Nice! :) but sadly no Bolt 2...yet! over a year ago
OnyxChubbyDog said …
thanks for the add or being a fan or whatever its called now :'3 i used to be a former #1 BOLT fan myself, but i gave up, or rather grew out of that old phase. went by the name Onyx, you might have heard of me :> Posted over a year ago
no1BOLTfan said about Owl City
The acoustic EP was leaked! :D Posted over a year ago
boltpup said …
no1BOLTfan said about Disney's Bolt
Hey guys, I probably won't be on here until July 11th or so. I'm going to New York and Washington DC. So...I'll be back and try to post as much as I can! Posted over a year ago
theJF commented…
Alright, have fun, and safe traveling! :-) over a year ago
ThunderThefur commented…
Sounds cool! Hope you have great time! :) over a year ago
no1BOLTfan commented…
Thanks :) over a year ago
no1BOLTfan said about Bolt Series 2
60 Posted over a year ago
cmcrazy gave me props for my images
cool Posted over a year ago