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Opinion posted over a year ago
Arthur and Gwen guys its been a while since we havent speculated XD

so i really fear we wont see the wedding but in the other hands its not possible for Arthur to crown gwen if they arent married ?
my point can they get married ?
in the forst while camelot is lost ? no

just before the coronation ? no it would be repetitive to have two ceremonies in the same room

the wedding but no coronation ? no , cause the coronation is confirmed

as for the gwen/morgana confrontation , i think the order from the trailer may be wrong

my thoughts on Gwen 4x09

Opinion posted over a year ago
Arthur and Gwen So , many people asked me to give my opinions about Gwen , ive been vague about this episode cause the whole fandom complained about it and i just wanted to stay in my bubble. I dont particularly give much importance to the show , just to arwen.

first : I ship Arwen so ill always love BOTH characters , otherwise i should just stop shipping them if i start hating/disliking one of them.

Gwen’s situation is the most heartbreaking one because she doesnt know whats happening to her.


Opinion posted over a year ago
Arthur and Gwen 1) THEY DID NOT KISS and its important , why ? it shows that even if they were enchanted , the writors didnt want then to kiss , to keep Arwen safe ( cause even when Arthur finds out she was enchanted , he would still has been hurted that lancelot might have taste gwen's lips again )

2) a while a ago i had that idea of morgana taking the appearance of gwen , remember that legend ?
well i think it might happen
someone asked Katie if morgana will interact with uther and she responded that morgana will intereact WITH EVERY CHARACTER IN A VERY STRANGE AND UNEXPECTED WAY...

my wishlist for season 4 , feel free to add ur wishes ;)

Opinion posted over a year ago
Arthur and Gwen wow im going to be so damn disapointed but i regret nothing

1.Gwen finds out about Merlin’s secret and she confronts him. He denies it , Arthur starts to wonder whats wrong with Gwen ( and Merlin ) and she cant help feeling scared and torned . But Merlin finally takes her in the forest , he shows her his power and they have a super epic scene where she says ” ill be by your side , always ” or something more cliché , i dont give a damn :p JUST GWEN/MERLIN SWEETNESS ok?



Opinion posted over a year ago
Merlin on BBC
holla guys !
the day has been amazing for me but this time no big spoilers :)
so i arrived on set toward 12 h but the cast werent shooting on the courtyard
it was the double of Agravaine and Gwaine who brought Gauis into the castle , he was unconscious ( or dead ? )

ive talked with some french guys that i know from the crew and they told me that ABC and the others knights were shooting a banquet and in the throne room ,
during the conversation , they implied that the banquet was related to a wedding but i couldnt tell cause they are REALLY not invested...