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January FOTM interview with tvfan5 {Steph}

Opinion posted over a year ago
Steph - LP January FOTM ♥
Before we get started, I would just like to give major congrats to Steph once again for winning the LP FOTM! It's extremely well deserved and I am sure everyone here will agree with me when I say that you're a huge part and asset to our spot, and we love you♥

1. WOO HOOO! You are the LP January FOTM! How does that feel?

[b]-WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! I LOVE this couple, this spot, and the fans on it SO FREAKING MUCH. Knowing that I was voted alone makes me so happy. I never thought that friendships could be formed on the Internet but through our love for Leyton and...

You know you’re a devoted Dramione shipper when...

Opinion posted over a year ago
Screw canon!
I found this while I was browsing some Dramione tumblrs and I just HAD to share it with you guys!

You know you’re a devoted Dramione shipper when:

by~ potato4 {On TUMBLR}

1. You get pissed (at least a little) at any Hermione/other shipper. (Especially Hermione/Ron.)

2. When re-reading Deathly Hallows, you purposefully skip the Hermione/Ron kiss.

3. You think that every little curly-haired blonde kid is Draco and Hermione’s child.

Caught in a Whirlwind- Chapter 1 [Fanfic]

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Chapter 1: And it all comes crashing down

“Ryan, can you please come out of your hiding place?” Quinn shouted as she ran around the house trying to find the mischievous toddler, “Come on baby, mommy is getting tired.”

“Finally feeling your age?” Nathan asked teasingly as he walked into the kitchen having heard the last of Quinn’s rant.

“Very funny,” Quinn said rolling her eyes, looking under the dining table to see whether her son was hiding there or not, “And you try running after him all day, then we’ll talk.”

Issues the OTH Spot (and almost all of Fanpop) has been going though lately

Opinion posted over a year ago
Hey guys!
I have been active on the OTH spot for about 6 months now, and I have noticed some things that have been greatly bugging me and getting worse and worse by every passing day.
I don't know if this is classified as a rant or what, but this spot has become some sort of a war zone, where everyone always seems to be fighting.

Here are some of the main issues I have noticed that have been plaguing this spot for quite some time:

-Ratings & Cheating: Ratings have been getting ridiculous! I was looking through the videos and fan...

7x07 I and Love and You Quotes

List posted over a year ago
Haley: Skills is going to take Jamie to keep him away from the TV.
Nathan: You know the first memory I have is sitting on my father's lap bouncing a basketball. He spent my entire life trying to get me to the NBA, and now he is going to take that away.

Haley: Nathan, hey its gonna start soon.
Nathan: It's been a good life, huh?
Haley: Yea, it's been a wonderful life, and you know when the show is over it's still going to be a wonderful life, because I love you and your son loves you, and nothing that happens in the next hour is going to change that.