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Yume-san gave me props for my pop quiz questions
Thank you very much :D Oh you will move to New York? Yeah I get that. Haha of course I don't mind, I actually haven't noticed she responded a month ago. That's fine, my sister is like that when it comes to her obsessions so I got used to so it's not bothering me. Yeah well I'll see, I don't have much time to talk with many people on here. Haha yes, though I usually just thank them for adding me and that's it. Most of them reply on their profille or never reply back. Posted 1 month ago
Yume-san commented…
Oh I see, it's good he developed. Yeah well honestly I always knew Delena was meant to be the main couple in the show. SE was more something temporarily. I agree with you. Yes, I understand where you're coming from. By the way, why Nina and Ian broke up in the first place? I mean I'm assuming they ended their relationship on bad terms. 1 month ago
panther-jewel said …
Damon: "You wanna punish me for what I did, fine, do it. Punish me. Torture me. Kill me, for all I care. But leave Elena out of this." [VII,2] Posted 2 months ago
panther-jewel commented…
Damon (writing): "Dear, Elena. […] I don’t know who I am without you. But I do know that, as long as I’m with you, time will stand still. So, who is Damon Salvatore without Elena Gilbert? […] But maybe, with a little luck, I’ll do right by you. Because you may be a thousand miles away, or a hundred years away. You’re still here with me. And my heart is right there in that coffin with you. Until you’ll come back to me." [VII,4] 2 months ago
panther-jewel commented…
Damon: "She stole Elena from me, and every ounce of happiness I’ve ever known." [VII,5] 2 months ago
panther-jewel commented…
Damon: "Dooming me and, let’s be honest, all of our friends to a lifetime without the one person we miss the most, which, to be perfectly clear, ain’t you. That’s why we’re on this porch. Because it’s the first place Elena and I ever kissed. Over there by that bench is the first time she ever had the courage to tell me she loved me. And merely one foot to my right is where I watched her take the cure so that she could have the life that she dreamed of, before you screwed it up. But the very spot you’re standing is the happiest place of all. You know why? Because that’s the spot where you’re gonna decide to get me my Elena back." [VII,21] 2 months ago
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Yume-san gave me props for my answers
Sorry I've been really busy with studies, but I finally graduated. It's fine, I'm not that active on here either, but I left her a message. Oh yeah, I left the site, then I decided to come back so now I log in once in awhile, though I only talk to you on here ^^ Thanks for understanding. Hmm yeah I know what you mean, my sister is like that too actually. Yes, I agree with you about Damon, he developed really good. I don't really like Stefan to be honest. Posted 2 months ago
Yume-san commented…
Yeah it sucks the couple in the end hadn't got enough screen time, but yeah at least they ended up together which matters the most. Anyways, how have you been? What's new with you? 2 months ago