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nmdis gave me props for my articles
A huge thanks for the article, I just wanted that rule. I am happy that you did that. Papa should I report a club which is based on porn I just saw it when I was joinin' many clubs in fanpop home page. I donno If by reportin it by me it will be removed or not. I just can't remember the name of that spot but I just wanted you to ban that club its not good, really not good. Thanks again. Posted over a year ago
TheCountess gave me props for my articles
Thanks for writing the 'Clean Up' article. I certainly don't fall into the under 18 crowd, but that doesn't mean I can't be offended just as easily. I think it was about 1-2 years ago when I ran across a really innappropriate image in the 'Simpsons' club. I don't know if I reported it with the flag, but I'm pretty sure I used the 'Contact Us', included the link, and questioned whether it should be removed.
Now, if only other people would bother to READ the rules. ...and stick to them. Posted over a year ago
Sinna_Hime_chan commented…
or make sure and report those dirty lil cartoon images on those clubs and pedophile images... NEED to be reported, that is what the article was saying, right? over a year ago
TheCountess commented…
Those are definitely part of it, Sinna_Hime_chan. For complete descriptions of what is NOT allowed, please read papa's 'Clean Up' article, and / or the rules. ;) over a year ago
TheCountess commented…
Sinna_Hime-chan: ...continued... If I do run across any porn / inappropriate stuff on fanpop, I certainly will report it, but I can only do that by the means that are available to me. Thank you for helping to do the same. :) over a year ago
nmdis gave me props for my polls
Thanks papa for adding me. Thanks a lot. Posted over a year ago
BlondeGirl93 gave me props for my images
your icon is so cute ! :) Posted over a year ago
sarabeara gave me props for my images
Your new icon is quite possibly the cutest thing ever! Posted over a year ago
germany123 gave me props for my comments
Knew always listen Posted over a year ago
germany123 gave me props for my images
AWWW! Haters gonna hate..Italics are broken though. That's not a good thing. Also please reconsider the black swoosh in the banners. Aside from that I think the layoot is nice and makes everything look more pulled together! Say hi to all the guys from me and give your latest addition to the family a kiss. Precious! Love your icon! Posted over a year ago
chemfoldbrides gave me props for my comments
Hi! I was just wondering if you knew who created the Andy Biersack spot as it has no banner and It really could do with a uptodate icon,I added a question to the answer section a bit ago but no one has come forward.If I can find a banner and icon would you or one of the fanpop 4 be able to change it?I could add a pick regarding it. Posted over a year ago
dimitri-07 gave me props for my comments
Please return back my diluka96 account, it's been more than 4 weeks i've been without it PLEASE!!!!!! i'm very desparate! I need help. Posted over a year ago
MoOoNFANY gave me props for my videos
Hello papa,
my friend's account fanylove09 was suspended suddenly!
She did not do anything wrong!!Why?!Pls help her,ok?
Thx a lot :) Posted over a year ago