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tamore gave me props for my images
love your tay icon :3 Posted over a year ago
para-scence commented…
Thank you over a year ago
para-scence said about Christianity
Please pray for a family. Their daughter, who just graduated high school, was hit by a car Monday night. She was too young, but she's with God now. Please keep her family in your prayers. Rest in Peace, Emily. Posted over a year ago
natalierg commented…
That's terrible. I will pray that God gives her family strength. over a year ago
Sinna_Hime_chan commented…
Yes, I will pray for her family. over a year ago
michaelshk commented…
thats so sad i will pray and may the lord god give her family somthing to be happy about over a year ago
Kita133 commented…
thats terrible i will pray for her and her family and that the lord will bless them over a year ago
natalierg gave me props for my comments
Thanks for the add back! I answered your question on the Christian page about getting closer to God. Good luck on your journey through faith! Posted over a year ago
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No problem thanks for adding me. And thank you for answering my question over a year ago
para-scence said about Christianity
I pray for God to guide my footsteps, yet I am unwilling to move my feet Posted over a year ago
natalierg commented…
OMG! I love that! Amen! over a year ago
Sinna_Hime_chan commented…
Nat- uh-- that was a deep statment, NOT an Amen, that was like they said, "I pray to God for help to save me, I am thrown a life perserver in the ocean and yet I do grab hold" (that is NOT Amen) :/ That is a just a profound statement (but opposite of amen... "amen" is when the life perserver is grabbed and the feet take those steps is more like: "Hallelujah!" ~ or something like that. over a year ago
Rainshadow999 commented…
Why do people keep spelling my name "Rainbow"? I bet it's that annoying spellcheck... over a year ago
McGbr23 said …
I come on here sporadically at best. And may I say that every time I long on (which isn't often,as you can imagine) I always re-read works you've written and that I've read over a year ago. Your writing is phenomenal. Keep doing what you're doing. Posted over a year ago
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May this Christmas/Yule end the present year
On a cheerful note and make way
For a fresh and bright new year.
Here’s wishing you a
Merry Christmas/Yule and a Happy New Year!
Greetings, Deathroman13 :) Posted over a year ago
para-scence commented…
Thank you Merry late Christmas, I guess :] over a year ago
para-scence said about Christianity
"God may have been shaking His head when He made me, but I bet He was smiling." Posted over a year ago
livetobefree commented…
I love that quote lol over a year ago
wolf9 commented…
me too over a year ago
BVEO commented…
Awesome Quote :) over a year ago
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That was a really nice prop, thank you - I hope you're happy & having a great day, too. =) Posted over a year ago
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Thanks :] over a year ago
coriann gave me props for my pop quiz questions
:) i smiled when i read this, thx para-scene, that was really sweet and thoughtful of you, i hope you have a great day too, btw, you write awesomely B) Posted over a year ago
para-scence commented…
Thank you! :] over a year ago
lucy32 gave me props for my answers
Thank you! Such a nice surprise for a gloomy day like this :) I don't really hear/read such kind words too often, so it was really heartwarming. I've just read your question at the Christianity spot, btw... thought of replying, since I've got a similar problem, but then decided against it, cause I just keep it all to myself, and that's not really the answer, I guess. Posted over a year ago
para-scence commented…
That's alright. :] Hope your gloomy day gets better! over a year ago