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hey jenny, i'm just posting here to say that i'm gonna start coming on here more because i miss it here, a lot :)
- emma Posted over a year ago
peppergirl30 said about That 70's Show
We reached 8,000 fans! Yayy! <3 Posted over a year ago
So, I went to the mall today, and guess what I got? :o 'The Casual Vacancy'! Honestly, I had been saving up for it for forever, and I finally had enough money for it today. :D I can't wait to read it! Did any of you guys get it too? I'm just curious~ Posted over a year ago
LadyEmzy16 commented…
I wish I could read it..but sadly being 14 gives me the disadvantage of being to young for it! Ugh just let me know if any of the characters are named after the Harry Potter ones you know like Ronald, Fred, George, Vernon, Petunia, Lily, James...etc over a year ago
peppergirl30 commented…
^ Really? You finished it? :o You read faster than me. xD over a year ago
dragonsmemory commented…
I looked at it in the bookstore. Honestly, I'm not going to read it. I don't read that kind of stuff usually, and I'm not about to change that just because my favorite author wrote it. over a year ago
peppergirl30 said about KitKatLex
Got my medal here :) Posted over a year ago
romioneisthekey commented…
Congratulations! :D over a year ago
peppergirl30 commented…
^Thanks c: over a year ago
-Harmony- commented…
I'm the first person to post on this wall. :3
I feel so proud XD Posted over a year ago
LifesGoodx3 commented…
I'm jealous XD over a year ago
peppergirl30 commented…
^Mwahahaha you should be >:3 XD over a year ago
peppergirl30 said about Emma Watson
Just saw her on Anderson Cooper<3:D She's bloody amazing..<3 Posted over a year ago
CharmChaser13 commented…
^She was flawless! :D over a year ago
peppergirl30 said to gigibear16
Claire I'm havig meebo problems :( Hold on Posted over a year ago
peppergirl30 said to Tawnyjay
Np Tawny :) And I can't meebo with you for a while, I'm grounded from the computer ;w; Posted over a year ago
peppergirl30 commented…
But we can wall chat. :D And sorry for no prop, this iPhone is spazzy.. over a year ago
peppergirl30 said about Harry Potter
Emma has been having stalkers now. ;w; So anytime somebody tries to look her up on google, or tweet her, or go on, your computer will be disabled, because she's been having major issues. I'm just warning all you guys~ Isn't this sad? :c xD Posted over a year ago
kat_777 commented…
things will get better i am sure over a year ago
alexisn10 commented…
What? Emma is a celebrity. A lot of people will Google her, tweet her, and visit her website. Sitting outside of her house and watching her change is considered stalking. over a year ago
zar_far11 commented…
Yeah I agree with alexisn. I mean, come on, Emma is so popular, obviously people are gonna Google her, Tweet her, and visit her website. over a year ago
Our Emma has stalkers now. ;w; So anytime you try to go onto her website, or tweet her, or do anything related to Emma, your computer will be disabled. :c I'm not kidding, my brother saw this on the news this morning.
I just thought I should share that with you wall, thought you would like to know~ Posted over a year ago
simpleplan commented…
Good think I do not check out her website ans stuff. over a year ago
romioneisthekey commented…
Thank you, Emma! :D over a year ago
HPCouples commented…
Yeah, thanks. :) over a year ago
LadyEmzy16 commented…
Thnx..:) over a year ago