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Hey!! Remember me?! It's been so have you been?
Miss ya..! :-) Posted 7 months ago
peterpansbff said …
Hey! George Weasley here! Hope to see you @ Harry Potter Canon Rp :D Posted 7 months ago
jradhika said …
Hey What's up Posted 8 months ago
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Hey there, stranger. <3 Posted 8 months ago
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Oh really? Sure, inbox me em I wanna know! Posted 9 months ago
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Hey Em! Aw I was happy when I saw your wallpost welcome back babe!
We all miss you here so much even though I prefer the twitter emma.
You're just sassy there haha. I missed ya! Posted 9 months ago
cherl12345 said …
Hi Posted 9 months ago
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Yeah, I know!
Ari is amazing.
I became an Arianator as soon as I watched Victorious :D
Awww, I hope you get computer access soon.
It sucks to not be able to post on any spot.
Yeah, well. It turns out my exams are postponed so, my birthday won't be during the exams.
It's on the 17th of April :)
Which means in a couple of weeks, omh!
Awww, Em!
That would be so sweet of you!
Thanks x Posted over a year ago
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Truly madely deeply I am foolishly completely falling in love in love with u!!!!! ~1D
Pass this on ~ love ya <33:**

If I had to choose between breathing and loving you I would use my last breath to tell you I love you. ♥♥!!

Nobody Compares to You ♡ I LOVEE YOUU !!

hey xx How are u? .. And kool, u like the Mortal Instruments :)
Can u join plz >>
missing u directionner<33:***
Posted over a year ago
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No problem (:
It's ok, don't I be sorry I understand!!
Not really...I went to the dentist today to get a couple of cavities filled and now my mouth is really sore :(
What about you? Posted over a year ago