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ishrathsultana gave me props for my answers
btw luv ur motto Posted 2 days ago
pink-bookworm commented…
Thanks :) 2 days ago
ishrathsultana gave me props for my images
hey thnx for add back
nic 2 meet u
can u join my club
thnx nd hav a nic day Posted 2 days ago
pink-bookworm commented…
No problem and sure :) 2 days ago
Ok, guys seriously. It's been a month since the last post Posted 4 days ago
Hi imaginary people that don't come on here anymore Posted 12 days ago
IamKyon gave me props for my articles
Give ♥ this ♥ to ♥ the ♥ twelve ♥ nicest ♥ people ♥ you ♥ know ♥ on ♥ Fanpop Posted 18 days ago
pink-bookworm commented…
Thanks :) I wasn't expecting that, haha 18 days ago
I feel like one day, all of us are going to be gone and there wills all new people here. I wonder, what will happen to us and the club in the future?.... Posted 23 days ago
Blaze_of_Ares commented…
We'll probably we adults then haha 20 days ago
pink-bookworm commented…
Haha probably. I just, it'll be interesting to see what happens then 20 days ago
pink-bookworm commented…
Oh really? I still write stories. Just haven't had the time and yeah I see. I do have holidays coming up after next week finishes, though 17 days ago
IamKyon gave me props for my links
Hey, I love your Icon! Posted 26 days ago
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Thanks. It's one of my favourite books, the quote on it 26 days ago
kornikopia gave me props for my images
Nice pictures :) Posted 26 days ago
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Thanks :) 26 days ago
Thinking about making another RP on this club. Should I? Posted 1 month ago
Rogue475 commented…
No!!! lol, of course you should 1 month ago
pink-bookworm commented…
Haha, ok. I wasn't sure. The only active RP is Grazer 1 month ago
Blaze_of_Ares commented…
yeah make another 1 month ago
pink-bookworm commented…
Okay. Need to think an idea first 1 month ago
Nicolicious said …
Thanks for Birthday message Pink. I'm really hoping I'll have a great day too. :D Posted 1 month ago
pink-bookworm commented…
No problem :D 1 month ago