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abcjkl gave me props for my pop quiz questions
hi! thanks for the add back and nice to meet you!
would you like to join my club? Posted 18 days ago
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HEY ıt has been a long time what's up? Posted 11 months ago
pink-bookworm commented…
Hey, I didn't see your comment there. Not much, haha. How about you? 10 months ago
Merry Christmas everyone! Posted 11 months ago
Rogue475 commented…
I didn't notice this one, my bad. Merry Christmas Pink 11 months ago
Rogue475 commented…
Checked it out, seems like fun :D 11 months ago
pink-bookworm commented…
It is. It's a lot of fun :D 11 months ago
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hi! :3

thanks for the add back! Would you like to join my club? Posted 11 months ago
pink-bookworm commented…
Hello, no problem, and sure 11 months ago
NocturnalMirage commented…
splendid! Thank you! :3 11 months ago
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hi Posted 11 months ago
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Can you fan these
Posted 11 months ago
It's so close! The wait is so hard and the worse thing us I don't even know if I'm going to be able to get it on the release date 0_0 Posted over a year ago
darange commented…
the wait is so unbearable i could just hear the Barnes and Noble employees laughing evilly right now. over a year ago
pink-bookworm commented…
Haha, indeed. It comes out tomorrow here, but don't know if I'm going to be able to get it due to the fact today is a public holiday over a year ago
olympianglory commented…
i got it the day it came out! over a year ago
Greekwizard09 said …
Hi t in comhx for adding me and I see we have a lot in common. Yay!!!♡☆♡☆♡<○.○> Posted over a year ago
Greekwizard09 commented…
Sorry I had to restart let me write this again hi thx For adding Me I see we have a lot in common over a year ago
pink-bookworm commented…
No problem, and we do :) over a year ago
Guys, like only 11 or so days remaining :D :O damn, excitement Posted over a year ago
Greekwizard09 commented…
I know it's gunna be amazing over a year ago
pink-bookworm commented…
Indeed over a year ago
Greekwizard09 commented…
I hope I could buy it!!!♡♡♡ over a year ago
pink-bookworm commented…
Me too! over a year ago
avatar_tla_fan gave me props for my polls
Thank you for adding me! ^^ Its nice to meet you, what's your name? Posted over a year ago
pink-bookworm commented…
No problem. Nice to meet you too, over a year ago