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stella2014 said …
hi how are you!! Posted over a year ago
limited9906 gave me props for my polls
Could you plzz add me Posted over a year ago
amanda-9966 gave me props for my images
P.S i love the pics! soooo cute! Posted over a year ago
amanda-9966 said …
Hey! We also have some clubs in common! Who's your fave in 1D? Posted over a year ago
I just had the game yesterday from the U.S.A. from Walmart. Its super fun! I love fighting the red people! Posted over a year ago
pinkieshy1212 said about Jesus
WHO DOSEN'T LOVE JESUS?! He's the most important person on earth! (Besides his family, friends, and relatives) He gave us the world, days, food, family and friends and relavtives, clothing, shelter and more! He even gave life to everyone! He even gave our computers too! Posted over a year ago
fake_alibi13 commented…
To answer your first question: non-christians, atheists, people who don't give a damn... over a year ago
bratski2192 commented…
^^^^That's true, but could u be non-harsh about it! over a year ago
pinkieshy1212 said about Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell made 1D! Icant believe it! But, I still can't believe 1D calls him Uncle Simon, the're not related. Posted over a year ago
pinkieshy1212 said about The X Factor
The reason why i became a fan of The Xfactor is 'cause one direction was made here! Ibet MOST people are fans of X-factor 'cause 1D was made inThe X-factor. Oh, and my favourite in 1D is Liam Niall, Ilike Niall's Accent! :D Posted over a year ago
singhsing commented…
well u cant be a fan of only 1 or 2 u have to have to like all of them no matter wat so ha n i like all of them over a year ago
Who thinks The dog kinda looks like Bitzer from Shaun the Sheep? Posted over a year ago
ImAnEasel commented…
Probably because Shaun the Sheep is a spin off of Wallace and Gromit. At least, I think it is... :P Correct me if I'm wrong, please. over a year ago
pinkieshy1212 said about Aardman
yeah me too! I also love Aardman show's or Movies! I mostly like their eyes! I luv Shaun the sheep the most and other stuff i've seen, i don't know the title of 'em, 'cause i watched them long time ago Posted over a year ago