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Looking for anime veterans to recommend me an anime I haven't seen.

13 answers | my answer: Yokaii & Pokemon

Is there any good anime for 12 year old girls?

134 answers | my answer: I am 14 years old but From my childhood I've been w...
World Peace

Okay, this ridiculous Islamiphobia NEEDS TO END

13 answers | my answer: I am a Muslim I want to clear that Islam is the rel...
Taylor Swift

♥ Taylor swift contest ♥

25 answers | my answer: Here's mine
Taylor Swift

Post your top 5 fave Tay songs..props + different contest!!

21 answers | my answer: 1=22 2=love story 3=Haunted 4=go back to decembe...
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Contest!!! Wave 1

8 answers | my answer: mine:)))

Please pick a name for this fanmade pokemon 2

6 answers | my answer: Blue king


9 answers | my answer: I can't decide just one as my favorite. so here's ...

How many Bratz dolls do you own?

2 answers | my answer: No I don't have any doll because I live here in Pak...
Peter Pan

What songs remind you of Peter/Neverland?

4 answers | my answer: We will fly (theme song of New adventures of Peter ...