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ebcullen4ever said …
A star has 5 ends.
A square has 4 ends.
A triangle has 3 ends.
A line has 2 ends.
But the circle of our friendship has no end.
..............................<33.............................. ................
.Send this to all your best friends including me . if.................I am one!
if you get 5 back , you are a good friend
if you get 10 , you are popular.
if you get 15 , I'm jealous Posted over a year ago
Aha! Got it! Haha, joined :D xx Posted over a year ago
mia444 commented…
LOL thanks sweetie ;-D xoxo!!!! over a year ago
mia444 said …
If you go on my page under my favorites it's the first one, you can click on the link from their....let me know when you got it just so I know!! And thanks for joining sweetie ;-D
I'll be up for a little bit longer so I'll wait till you get it... You have to type it in exactly how I did but if you can't find it go on my page .. Posted over a year ago
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mia444 gave me props for my links
Hey girl what's up? I just made a new club and was wondering if you would join? The link is
I'd really appreciate it, it's for Edward and Bella and Robert and Kristen.... let me know what you think!! If you do join thank you so much!! Have a great day hun, love Mia Posted over a year ago
pompeybabe commented…
Thank you for the prop but the link doesn't work. Could you send me another one? I'll be happy to join :) xx over a year ago
pompeybabe said about Kristen Stewart
Happy 23rd Birthday to Kristen :) x Posted over a year ago
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ebcullen4ever said …
hey,i made a photo contest on the movie couples club,and round 1 is edward and bella,so if you want to post a pic of them you are welcome to do so. Posted over a year ago
ebcullen4ever said …
Take my hand,
We'll go through a magical land
and together we will stand hand in hand
Through this magical land of Friendship.

Post this to all of your bestest friends wall
If you get 1 your cool
If you get 5 your Loved
If you get 10 your Awesome
If you get 15 your Amazing
If you get 20 or more your popular and a lot of people love youu
LOVE YA!!!!! Posted over a year ago
ebcullen4ever said …
plz join my friend's club: Posted over a year ago
pompeybabe said about Robert Pattinson
Got my dedicated medal XD x Posted over a year ago
NickelodeonLove commented…
congrats over a year ago
sini12 commented…
congrats over a year ago
TFLP gave me props for my articles
Hi,It is nice to meet you.I am also a Twilight fan. Posted over a year ago
TFLP commented…
And nice pictures. over a year ago
pompeybabe commented…
Hey! It's nice to meet you too, and thank you! For the prop and the compliment ;) xx over a year ago
TFLP commented…
I like your username. over a year ago