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Over The River [Lyrics]

Article posted over a year ago
There's a bonfire burning.
Got Bocephus blaring louder than allowed out in our neck of the neighborhood.
If you wanna see follow me over the river through the woods.

When the bugs and the beer start biting
Theres bound to be some friendly fighting
Usually little Becky Lee winds up jumpin up on somebodys hood
Don't she dance good?
Join the crowd gather round
Over the river through the woods.

Just follow my tail lights out past the streetlights a left then a hard right

Country Man [Lyrics]

Article posted over a year ago
You need hands, rough not soft
To come and warm you up up in that cold hayloft
Let me hold you little darling in my big strong arms
Can't get these kind of muscles anywhere but a farm

Hey I'm a country man a city boy can't do the things I can
I can grow my own groceries and salt cure a ham
Hey baby I'm a country man

I've got a jeep with camouflage seats
That way nobody sees us parked back up in these trees
Your little i-pod loaded down with Hoobastank

My First Love Song [Lyrics]

Article posted over a year ago
Ridin' down the road listenin' to the radio
You leaned over and you turned it up
You said, "Baby this is it,
The one I wanted you to hear.
Don't it sound just like us?"

Up 'til then, all I'd ever listened to was
a little "Sweet Home...," "Tuesday's Gone,"
and "Working Man Blues."

This is my first love song
First time I felt the words
First time I sang along
Whenever it comes on
I just think of you and everything you do

I'll Stay Me [Lyrics]

Article posted over a year ago
[Verse 1]

T-shirt, blue jeans don't like much on TV
Caviar and a Triscut ain't no redeye gravy on a biscut.
My deep Southern drawl makes the conversation crawl
You're gonna have to hang around long enough to hear me out.
Some folks aren't happy like they are.
Some wanna take things just a little too far.

[Chorus 1]

Singers wanna be Hollywood actors
And millionaires wanna ride old farm tractors
I am just what I am, I'm just what you see.

We Rode In Trucks [Lyrics]

Article posted over a year ago
Down where I was born was heaven on earth.
The Flint River washes that red Georgia dirt.
The sun sets slow and the stars shine bright.
We raised cotton, corn, a little cane, and kids.
You either lived on a farm or wish you did.
Jesus always walked close by our side.
Where I grew up, we rode in trucks.

[Verse 2]

There's a lot about life you can learn on a bus,
How to lie, how to fight, how to kiss, how to cuss.
The closer we sat to the back, the smarter we got.