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Better Waste Of Time [Lyrics]

Article posted over a year ago
This step I bet you’d think I’d forget
But I couldn’t look away like an accident
Somebody left no survivors
Can’t believe what an idiot I was
I said I said you were the one
I guess it’s easier said than it was done
I won’t buy but it’s you I sold
You turn on me for truth be told

This is the last goodbye
So I’ll keep searching, searching until I find
A better waste of time
Save your words, I’ll save my life

No Mercy [Lyrics]

Article posted over a year ago
Pull me down under water
I want to fight to breathe
Lay me on a bed of roses
And push down until I bleed
I’m true to my virtues
I'm worth being abused

Light me up like a flame
And burn me to the ground
Break the skin a little more
I know that you know how
But you never want to
Why are you so cruel

Show me no mercy
I want you to hurt me
I want to feel it all
Show me no mercy

What Are You Thinking [Lyrics]

Article posted over a year ago
You think you know me so well or what’s good for me
Do you really expect me to believe your honesty
You’re like everyone else, go practice what you preach
You think you own me and that I owe you apologies

But you don’t know me
Like you think you know me
What the fuck

What are you thinking
You gotta be crazy
You got nothing on me
No, nothing on me
This is my life
Can’t take it from me


Under A Very Black Sky [Lyrics]

Article posted over a year ago
I have a dream you had a weapon
I couldn’t see it in the dark of the night
It’s easy to hide under a very black sky
Over the moon just beyond seven
I watched in vein as the missiles took flight
We lost our lives under a very black sky

Under a black sky
Under a black sky
Under a black sky

Colors explode under your microscope
But just deny as it’s all black and white
I lost my mind under a very black sky

Healing Now [Lyrics]

Article posted over a year ago
I wrestle with my thoughts at night
Anchored to the ropes I tied to myself
Heaviness in my both my legs
Like I walked a thousand miles a day

If I could stand on top of my world
I’d still be looking up at stars that I can never touch

When a sky full of tears falls to the earth
I gotta believe we’re healing now
Now before you give up, before it gets worse
I have to believe we’re healing now

Healing now