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Lost for words chapter 4

Opinion posted over a year ago
Chapter 4
It was the day of the party. Cuddy found it hard to shield her excitement, and tried to continue with her everyday duties. However, her mind kept drifting back to house, and what stunt he was going to pull tonight. She was determined to look her best. To be honest, he was the only reason she wanted to go. She hated hospital donors, who always looked down on her, making her feel like a child again. Completely the opposite from how house made her feel.
She left work early, to get ready. She had spent weeks attempting to choose the right dress, and she had finally found...

Lost for words chapter 3

Opinion posted over a year ago
Sorry its taken a while.
Next chapter will be up shortly. Pleas give me an honest opinion.

Chapter 3

He sat, frozen, unable to take his eyes from hers. However, something had changed in her eyes. Over the last few months, she had seemed distant, and had always had a far- off look in her eyes. But something had changed, she looked free. His heart gave a silent leap. He had missed that sparkle in her eyes, which he felt was reserved just for him.
“House, I……” she began, struggling for the right words.

Lost for words chapter 2

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
He felt lonely without her
Hi guys, sorry this took soooooo long, but a lot of things were going on in my life this week, and I had no time. This chapter isn't great, but it was necessary, so please excuse me.
The next chapter should be up soon. Enjoy!!

Chapter 2

House slowly made his way out of bed, and through to his kitchen, seeking caffeine.
He had spent a sleepless night, dreaming of her. He wanted her to be with him, to be close to him.
Much as he hated to deny it, he felt lonely without her. Cameron didn’t fulfil him.

Lost for words- A huddy fanfic

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
He needed her
House and Cuddy
We move forward in time. House is going out with Cameron (fear not) and Cuddy is going out with Wilson.They realise their feelings for one another.

“So, what shall we do tonight, do you wanna stay at mine”?? Cameron said.

House was not listening, he never listened. He had gone beyond the point of caring. He and Cameron had been dating now for 6 months. He had never intended it to get this far. He didn’t love her. He loved someone else. He had only gone to her as a booty call, a stupid mistake, but she took it the wrong...

My new Huddy poem please read, and enjoy!

Article posted over a year ago
It's not at all offensive to any other ships, so any non- huddy fans, please don't rate it low, cause I put a lot of effort into this!!!! id reli appreciate it!!
thanx ;)

Huddy <3

When two people are meant to be
A clear example would be from Huddy
He’s snarky and rude, She’s sarcastic and quaint
But each rare Huddy moment, makes us all want to faint!
These two are ideal for each person to see
This silent bond between house and cuddy