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Claire Holt Interview

News posted over a year ago
What have you thought about Rebekah's storyline this season?

I feel really lucky as an actor because I get to go a lot of places with Rebekah. I get to explore her vulnerable side, I get to explore the mean girl/catty side of her and there's that inner conflict about whether she wants to be human or a vampire. I just love it all and am so grateful to the writers for giving me so much.

I think you've touched on one of the reasons fans love her so much: Rebekah struggles with being an eternal but having very human desires. Absolutely. That provides a huge amount of...

Breaking Dawn part 2 Scene

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Bella: “You stupid mutt! How could you? My baby!”
Jacob: “It wasn’t my idea, Bella!”
Bella: “I’ve held her all of one time, and already you think you have some moronic wolfy claim to her? She’s mine.”
Jacob: “I can share.”
Emmett: “Pay up.” [A small part of my brain wondered who had bet against this outcome. I didn’t waste much attention on it. I was too furious.]
Bella: “How dare you imprint on my baby? Have you lost your mind?”
Jacob: “It was involuntary! Bella, would you try to listen for just a second? Please?”...