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  • ➷“When you start fooling around with drugs, you're hurting your creativity, you're hurting your health. Drugs are death, in one form or another. If they don't kill you, they kill your soul. And if your soul's dead, you've got nothing to offer, anyway."☠ --- Paul Stanley
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iceprincess7492 gave me props for my answers
I can't find a gifset and this video is 26 minutes long but it you start playing it from the 19 minute mark up to 23:30 okay??? if you love glitter and me then you'll watch these few minutes!!! ^__^

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLwpRteWsTk Posted 1 day ago
iceprincess7492 gave me props for my answers
……….( ö, )
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.…….(,,),) Posted 1 day ago
iceprincess7492 commented…
of course it has, I knew that... sowie!!! sparkles is your middle name... one of them... lol... but ohmygod!!! hearing you say that reminded me of the Jensen/Misha panel and I really need to find something, a gifset or a clip of that and share it with you... I couldn't stop cracking up!!! 1 day ago
iceprincess7492 commented…
time-turner? oh yes... you could definitely use that to get extra hours... sort of... the intricacies of how that worked aren't important, just knowing that it helps with time is important... hehehe!!! &&& well, I have started reading comics... oops... sort of forgot to mention that... I'm reading the Captain America vol #5 series... it deals with the Winter Soldier arc, Civil War and the aftermath of that... it's not much but it's still something!!! but if you have suggestions, I'm all ears!!! ^^ 1 day ago
iceprincess7492 commented…
ha... I miss Ichabod, speaking of which... did you hear the actor who plays Irving isn't coming back for s3? bummer... really liked him!!! OMG!!! yes!!! please, let's go over the pond and find both our Snowflakes!!! hahaha... I love how you expect me to know British grammar when I'm nothing close to being a Brit at all... but I guess you'll say that watching loads of Brit tv must have helped my vocabulary right??? 1 day ago
iceprincess7492 commented…
oh yes... yes... his family is perfectly fine, he just needed some proper downtime with them... completely cut-off from everything else... but of course he's in touch with Jensen, who made a statement at the Sydney Con, "Jared's a big, dumb, emotional moose. Sometimes a smart squirrel has to tell him what to do." *creys* oh my god... I just... I can't with these two... they love each other so much, it is ridiculous!!! 1 day ago
iceprincess7492 gave me props for my links
About the Jared thing, I'm guessing you also know of the t-shirt campaign thing he started, "Always Keep Fighting" on Facebook? it's about the fight against depression and he himself has had that experience before... there was an interview I read where he mentions Jensen and another friend of his just sending him home one day from the SPN set because things were getting tough on him and he said he was thankful for that... but Jensen said it was more of over-exhaustion... officially at least Posted 5 days ago
iceprincess7492 commented…
I think that all 3 of them just devote so much time to their work and fans and around-the-world conventions (Italy last week, Sydney this week, UK at the start of this month) I can only imagine how that must be for J2M, so he's taken these few weeks off to rest and spend time with his wife and kids which is great because he deserves that break!!! he'll be fine, we know that... bouncing back to work in a few months, mid-July after Comic Con I believe... and that's happening in the first week of July, but if he skips that too I think it's okay, he needs all the rest he can get!!! 5 days ago