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Opinion posted over a year ago
So...I had this idea. One that might help a few people for ICHB, and it'd help develop our characters more.

Did you ever notice everyone on ICHB likes each other, besides Cass and Alex? It's not natural. You'd never see that in real life, especially with everyone having such different personalities from each other. In real life, there'd be fights, rumors, boyfriend stealing, ect. Also, they're demigods. If anything, it should be worse.

Also, did you ever notice when there's a quest, or even a little drama, everyone suddenly gets on board on it? Again, not...


Opinion posted over a year ago
This is Teddy's point of view of leaving the Hunters of Artemis.. Yupperoni.


It was night time.
The stars were shining brightly and the moon was that toenail shape that I thought was hilarious. I watched the shooting stars I admired and wished on every single one of them.
My bow and arrow pack were strapped to my back, my braid flowing slightly in the soft breeze. My orange eyes flickered over the trees, the ground, and the sky. I was deep in thought.

All About Alex

Guide posted over a year ago
Character's Full Name: Alexandria "Alex" Chance
Reason or meaning of name:.....I was watching Totally Spies.
Also, I learned later Alexandria meant "Defender of Mankind", and I never bothered changing it because I like it, and it fits her. Chance was just because I couldn't use Chase.
Nickname: Alex
Reason for nickname: She hates the name Alexandria

Birthdate: April 1st, 1996
Astrological Sign: Aries


Age: 15