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Jessica4695 said …
Hiiiii :) I'm good, how's life treating you?
We need to catch up ASAP.
<3 Posted 1 day ago
rorymariano said about Leyton Family<3
Has anyone heard from Moosh? Her profile's gone and her tumblr's gone and I'm just wondering if anyone knows why? Posted 6 days ago
Sakkara98 commented…
I have no idea ! I will send her a message via whatsapp to know what happened ! 6 days ago
Nicolas97 commented…
Idk Angi but we're all freaking out! She's been MIA for way to long and she doesn't reply/can't receive our messages! :( 4 days ago
XxXrachellXxX commented… 4 days ago
XxXrachellXxX said …
HOLY SHIT, I LOVE IT <33333333 I posted a comment, thank you so so so so much for making it, it's in every way exactly what I wanted!!! :D Thank you so much <333
(and I love that you're participating in ADF-related things, it always makes me happy when someone does :D) Posted 16 days ago
Nicolas97 said …
Yes ooo I love that kiss <33 Seriously I can't keep myself away from Community, I'm in the middle of s2 and I'm hoping on finishing it in the weekend! Annie is officially my favorite of the show AND the cutest creature ever <333333333

I hope you do well and most importantly what you really want, I'm sure you'll ace any job!

Exactly! Then I could have diversity in writing and I could write for most of the topics I'd be given, except sports hahaha :P Posted 16 days ago
Nicolas97 commented…
OK, I have to ask for spoilers! Is Jeff/Annie together at the end of s5? When does s6 starts? 16 days ago
marakii said …
You've made me such a fangirl with your twitter fanart !!! It's amazing in every way :D thank you so much<3 Posted 16 days ago
XxXrachellXxX gave me props for my images
Yayyyy you joined the ADF icon contest, thank you!!! Love your icons <33 Posted 19 days ago
Nicolas97 said …
Finished S1 before I start senior year, challenge accomplished! <3
I now ship Jeff/Annie <333

I could so see you studying literature & history! You should do it sometime :D
I know what I want to become but I don't know what I want to study! I mean, I want to become a journalist, columnist in specific, but I'm not sure I want my university studies to be 'journalism' because in my country this school has no value sadly :( I think I'd like to go to law school first to set higher standards! Posted 19 days ago
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