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Amberry how are you? I think we need to do a little fangirling over OUaT ;) Posted 1 day ago
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Thanks for participating in OUAT Screencaps Edting Contest, round 116 is now closed and you can vote here:

Round 117 is open! Posted 1 day ago
rorymariano said about Leyton Family<3
So Emma Watson has been casted to play Belle in the live action Beauty and the Beast and all I can think of is ADF and Nad :P Posted 3 days ago
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Well, we did make a good casting Rach & I while preparing ADF ;) But yeah Emma is perfect for Belle. 3 days ago
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Hahahahaha <333 2 days ago
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hahaha that's what i thought when i saw it :D 1 day ago
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Well we're North&South buddies ;) But yeah it's great so far and her father! He seems adorable <3 No yeah deffo Richard is by far the best Thornton and it will be hard to filling his shoes but I think they're going to cast him well (bc expectations obvs :p) I thought about that too, well the strike is alluded to in the last episode but I don't think the modernized side of the storyline is going to be good. Like the character said that Thornton paid them less bc they're women? Posted 7 days ago
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That doesn't seem like Thornton. As for Frank, Maggie talked about him in the first episode but I don't think it's going to be bc he made a crime and can't go back to England bc in our times, if it's the case, it means he did something really bad :p But maybe it will just be a question of visas? :D 7 days ago
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Oh and I started two vlogs: The March Family Letters: you probably watch this one already. If not, it's about Little Women and it's okay but the characters are way different from the ones in the book imo. The second one is Carmilla: It's a vlog adaptation of a novella by LeFanu. I don't really want to spoil you the mystery but it's really really good. I actually watched the 37 episodes (what they put so far, a Season 2 is on the works) in a day! Anyway, tell me if you already know it or decide to check it out. :) 7 days ago
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Oooh What did you think of OUAT so far? Well I can see that you like Belle. Oh REALLY! OMG We can so fangirl about Captain Swan <333 At what point are you ? 7 days ago
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Sorry for replying so late but THANK YOU so much for giving me the links to the North&South Vlog adaptation! It' really good so far and I love that they choose someone actually British to portray this English characters :D And how come in almost every vlog adaptation, it's in Canada? :p I like the idea though bc obviously it would have been weird if it was someone from the south moving North :D (Even though I'm not convinced about a Canadian Thornton :p) What do you think of it? Posted 15 days ago
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R.I.P Edward Herrmann :( Posted 29 days ago
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So sad :( RIP 15 days ago
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Enjoy! :D
& Merry Christmas <333 Posted 1 month ago
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How have you been?? Posted 1 month ago
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I MISS YOU<3 Posted 1 month ago
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Sorry for replying so late but the last two weeks have been intense with all my exams to do etc but now I'm finally on vacation so I have time :D
YEEES ALICE! It's seriously the best. Alice has been my fave Disney and one of my fave books so when I heard about the adaptation I watched it immediatly - I remember that I started it like around 12AM and watched the two episodes that night, that's how good it is :D
And yes Halice are so amazing <3 Hatter is the cutest <3 Posted 1 month ago
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and the other characters are so amazing too, I mean Charlie? Seriously the best <3 Awww yeah I'm glad that you're Alice too then ;) 1 month ago