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Yes Izzie/Lexie it is then :) Posted 18 hours ago
XxXrachellXxX said …
Heyyyy :) sorry, this is awkward, but I noticed you read the ADF chapter, so could you please comment on it? it's extremely important to both Aline and myself that you guys do because we do spend weeks and weeks working on the damn chapters ;P Thanks <3
Anyways, I didn't like Henry either, but I agree that JRM played him well. Have you seen him in anything else? Posted 1 day ago
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Yes, you'll love Eustace/Mary even more in the later seasons!! They're the only relationship on the show I care about. Yep. Maybe it's because she's a woman and you know how it is, women are never expected to be as violent as men. Blah blah blaah. I totally get your pov <3 1 day ago
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I like season 1 of Lost. After that I wasn't really as interested, but it's great you love it <3 Who do you ship in it? Hah, yeah, I could watch the White Queen if I get the chance :) I usually prefer the books so I'll deffo finish that first. After rerererererererereading ASOIAF :P What's your favorite book, do you have one? :) 1 day ago
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Hah, glad you're doing ok! Sorry for the late reply, I was SO swamped with the LPF fanfic requests, it's crazy XD I swear I'll never write anything ever again ;P *slightly joking since I do wanna be writer in the future* 1 day ago
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Awww I'm so glad you like ADF :)) And I'm actually terribly sorry we haven't focused on your character too much as of yet. It's really hard to make everyone a main character asap so we're slowly working into everyone's stories. I hope the story is still okay for you :) And your chapter is coming up, I swear!! Perhaps 1x11, I'm thinking <3 And I personally love your backstory and I think you will too :) Who are your favorite characters & ships in ADF? And whose backstory do you like the most so far? :D 1 day ago
XxXrachellXxX said …
I will reply to your wallpost soon!! and I'm sorry it's not long, I just got SO many requests and I gotta finish them all soon. Nevertheless, I hope it doesn't suck <3 Posted 5 days ago
XxXrachellXxX said …
That sounds wonderful, I hope you do get the job! :D
Well hey, history and literature... you could be a historian, or a journalist, or a writer, editor etc. There are options :) and a pharmacist sounds great too!!
I didn't notice any majorly major changes in the Tudors storylines! I kinda liked seasons 2-3 the most, but I'm not sure. Anne's death was really sad! What do you think about Henry VIII? The character on the show, I mean ;P Posted 6 days ago
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Yeah, that makes sense ;) Awesome! I don't really ship anyone in the Tudors, it takes a lot for me to actually ship people, and I only ship GoT couples anyway, but I love the relationship between Eustace/Mary, it's really heartbreaking, especially in s4. By the way, did you know that the "Bloody Mary" expression comes from Mary Tudor? I had no idea! 6 days ago
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Awesome :) Which Lost season is your favorite? By the way, I bought the White Queen book. Do you think I should watch the show? I'm really skeptical about watching new shows these days, I don''t really like anything that isn't GoT, but it might be fascinating, and you love it, right? 6 days ago
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Oh, you're welcome, it's the truth :) In every 10in10 round I'm like "wow, holy hell, her icons are gorgeous!!" <33 6 days ago
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Anyways, how are you? :) Oh and you do need to tell me what you think about ADF (aka mine and Aline's fanfic :P)!! :) 6 days ago
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I'm good..and doing the same you were doing them 6 days ago! We need a fictional friendship for us,you know! I've frienships with everyone except you! Posted 7 days ago
mooshka said …
Yesss! I'll start it around the same time too. Posted 7 days ago
XxXrachellXxX said …
Well, yeah, not that bad, you're right ;)) I'm just a lazy ass so working is really difficult for me. Sigh. Anyway, do you have any future hopes or dreams or whatever, career-wise?

Oh, God, I can imagine :P Maybe go swimming or something for it to be more bearable? XD
I see, I won't spoil then :) I'm not really into anything that isn't GoT but I watched the Tudors for Natalie, and it was okay! And same goes for characters, many non-GoT don't interest me. Posted 8 days ago
XxXrachellXxX commented…
But three characters that I like in the Tudors are Anne Boleyn (duh), Eustace Chapuys and Mary Tudor! :) Do you ship any couples? And did you prefer s1 or s2? 8 days ago
XxXrachellXxX commented…
And since I know Lost is your fave show, and I watched it once upon a time, too, who are your faves in it? :) 8 days ago
XxXrachellXxX commented…
P.S. I just have to say that I absolutely love your icons (not anything in specific, like everything in general!) <333 You're definitely one of my fave - if not my #1 - icon makers on the LPF :) 8 days ago
Sakkara98 said …
Hey Amber !
Of course I like my presents ! They're just perfect ! Thank you so much <333
Oh yeah,I love your friendship idea ! I'm 100% in ! Posted 9 days ago
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Heyyyy so replying just now sorry :/
So yeah about Downton I'm so not prepared. I don't want to watch it! I just wanna imagine that Sybil is happy with her baby girl & Branson. Is it too much to ask?? Anyway I made my sister watch the show & I rewatching with her & she's now at the S2 Christmas special so I have still time to be in denial :p
AND you have to catch up Emma Approved! It got so interesting I want to fangirl with you !
Oh and I deffo agree with Bee about what she's saying here ↓ Posted 10 days ago
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Yo girlllllll, how are you? :D

Anyways, I was thinking You, Me & Aline could make a Trio?
I was thinking we could be the Crawley Sisters (You/Mary, Aline/Sybil and Me/Edith - I mean she's my least favourite but I do kind of relate to her a bit I guess) and/or the Bennet Sisters! I don't know who'd be who though :s Posted 11 days ago