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marakii said …
Ah when you watch it let me know;) ,I gotta tell you it was perfect<3 and Max comes back . Agree on Max/Louise ,LOVED everything between them but so much wasted potential *cries*. Betty/Gus broke my heart and became my favorites<3 ,I loved how Betty would "see'' him even though he was gone ,so romantic *.* .
Thank you :D Posted 3 hours ago
xoheartinohioxo said …
Okay first off, THANK YOU!! Thank you for the Evie and Maggie galleries, you're the best ♥♥♥

And yeah, same set of questions sounds good. Do you want me to split the picks this time? I'd like to do some, so I'll send you my choices and you can send me yours and then we'll figure out who's doing what <3 Posted 17 hours ago
marakii said …
AMBER<3 the astronaut wives club has completely ruined me aksjhas & the astro wives are the best and it just gives me all the feels akjshajsh . Just watched the last episode and I cried my eyes out, this friendship kills me ugh <333 , what did you think?
p.s. betty/gus </3 Posted 2 days ago
xoheartinohioxo said …
Hey, two things - 1.) Which show did you want to do first, OTH or OUAT?
2.) Where do you get your Lost caps? I'm freaking out because isn't working anymore, and i can't find another site with every season :O

homeofthenutty only has part of S1 & S6 [and a tiny bit of S3] has S1 & S2 complete & 3x01-3x09 Posted 3 days ago
xoheartinohioxo commented…
Kay,do you want me to come up with the categories [fave female, male, couple, etc.] or do you want to? 3 days ago
xoheartinohioxo commented…
Ughhh damn! Haha i was hoping you'd have some secret site :D Yeah, unfortunately I'm not having much luck on the actor/actress front either :( I have a good Emilie site, and a decent Elizabeth, but i can't find any for Evangeline, Yunjin, Maggie... i haven't looked for the guys yet but I'm not too optimistic. *fingers crossed that lost-media will go back up* 3 days ago
xoheartinohioxo commented…
Oh yeah, i found out about oth-caps yesterday as well - that's what's SO weird; i was using lost-media yesterday late morning/early afternoon and then *BAM* it just stopped being available :O Y'know what's strange... i started going through the fansites i have bookmarked and soooooo many of them aren't working anymore O_o 3 days ago
mooshka said …
ICON<33333 Posted 7 days ago
xoheartinohioxo said …
Hello my lovely love ♥ I don't believe i ever said thank you for doing the Lost picks, so thank you very much! I really enjoy comparing our opinions, and since we have so many fandoms in common, if you'd like to do some more picks for our other shows, i would love that! I was thinking:

Once Upon A Time
One Tree Hill
Grey's Anatomy
Modern Family
Pretty Little Liars

Finding Carter
The OC
Veronica Mars Posted 12 days ago
WarriorGilbert said …
HAHA YESSSSSSSSSS <333333333 Posted 16 days ago
mooshka said …

ALSO READ IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY <333 Posted 20 days ago
tvdlover said …
YES!!! Who do you want to be? :P Posted 24 days ago
mooshka said …
Are you catching up on the Tudors??? :) Posted 24 days ago