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Hey Amber !
I'm so glad you like them,I did all my best to please you <3 Posted 18 days ago
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Yes they were <333 Well THEY HAD to put that quote (+ 'it's badly done') they are so iconic so it was a must :D
OMG YES, the actress who played Harriet was so irritating, uh I could barely watch her scenes :/ And it's saying something bc I've always loved Harriet in other adaptations. But it was cute overall. Yes I agree about Frank/Jane but tbh, I didn't think their story could be modernized since their problems were all bc of conventions and stuff like that so yeah it worked somehow :D Posted 25 days ago
Piu95 commented…
YEEES NORTH AND SOUTH ! OMG I would have died, even though I can't really imagine anyone else besides Richard for Thornton <3 But I think that the social context of the story might not work as well as Austen's novels, it was way too present in the story imo. 25 days ago
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Yes the new adventures of Wendy & Peter! I haven't watch it yet but I'm planning on it, seems really cute :) I'll tell you about it when I do ;) About Downton, I'm waiting for my sister. I watch it with her now so I have to rewatch S3, but like I get to see Sybil/Branson again so I'm happy but 3x05 :/ </33333 and your icon is killing me, my baby </3 25 days ago
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AMBER!!! Okay, so I just commented on your article, and we have to talk ! :D
I just we have so many fandoms in common, that I want to fangirl about them with you :)
OMG KNIGHTHOUSE <33 I suppose that you've seen the end of the series, how cute were they??? But am I the only one to think that Harriet/Martin - even though it was cute - sounded/looked a bit fake, like it was not really well acted xD Btw do you watch the new series, Frankenstein MD? Posted 27 days ago
Piu95 commented…
It's okay but tbh I would have prefered to see more of Austen's adaptations. Like I want one of Northanger Abbey so bad ! :/ 27 days ago
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XxXrachellXxX gave me props for my images
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XxXrachellXxX gave me props for my videos
You won 3 props in the ADF icon contest :)

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marakii said …
Haha I get what you're saying ;)
yey<33333 i was sure you'd love Snow . I can't wait to hear your opinions once you watch more ;)))
Snowing are perfect<333 & Gremma too <33 i'm forever sad about them ,they had such an epic potential ,still my favorite emma ship ;) Posted 1 month ago
marakii said …
Amberry I just saw your wallpost and we have to fangirl .
Tell me your favorites from OUaT so far !!! Posted 1 month ago
rorymariano said about Leyton Family<3
I started Once Upon a Time last night and watched seven episodes, and yeah I'm kind of addicted! And now I have to wait two weeks to watch more episodes *screams* Posted 1 month ago
rorymariano commented…
And sometimes while I was watching it all I could think of was ADF :P 1 month ago
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Can't wait to hear what you think of everyone!! 1 month ago
Jessica4695 said …
Hiiiii :) I'm good, how's life treating you?
We need to catch up ASAP.
<3 Posted 1 month ago