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mooshka said …
Ah super late reply! Sorry<33

Yes let's be Anne/Isabel<3 I think they're perfect for us!

Agreed. It was terrible. I hated what they did to the mother, BRO, and just the memory of the show in general. Such a slap in the face. {I'm honestly still upset about it. Just thinking about it brings about this anger lol} Did you hear about the alternative ending? Posted 11 hours ago
mooshka commented…
oh also watch this:) 5 hours ago
marakii gave me props for my images
icon<333 Posted 10 days ago
rorymariano commented…
Thank you! It had been way too long since I had them as my icon <33 10 days ago
mooshka said …
awww well, I hope your feeling better for real now:) and it's okay trying is better than nothing.

ahhh, maybe a Gilmore Girls friendship? And possibly we could be Isabelle/Anne from The White Queen? Like I know they're twisted, but hey:P lmao. Any other ideas?

Oh and what the fuck even was that HIMYM finale? I'm RAGING. Posted 17 days ago
Nicolas97 said …
Worst finale for a perfect show in the history of television! Posted 17 days ago
mooshka said …
Hey read you were sick<3 hope you're doing alright.

And loved your comment on the pick<3 Posted 20 days ago
mooshka commented…
Oh also we need a friendship:O 19 days ago
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For Participating in ♥ TV Female Characters 10 In 10 Icon Battle... Round 09
Next Round Is Open Posted 27 days ago
unicornsrreal said …
Yep hahah :P OMG IT WAS PERFECT BUT THEN NOTHING HAPPENED SO I WANTED TO CRY TOO :( It's so good though, the show in general<3

Same ajkbfkjdsbfj. Same haha, she's ruined like all the other couples </3
BUT I wanted Japril together so much when it returned but I wasn't expecting much, so when I found out April left with him my face lit up haha. But then they went dating and I was like 'typical Shonda' but that ending. I WAS SO HAPPY/CONFUSED/EXCITED/WORRIED Posted 1 month ago
unicornsrreal said …
I do I do I do :P
I'm on 3x15 :D
Jim & Pam are my favourites so far :)
AND OMG GREY'S ANATOMY. THAT EPISODE<3333 Posted 1 month ago
unicornsrreal commented…
Pretty much every emotion haha. JAPRIL FTW<333 1 month ago
unicornsrreal said …
I STARTED THE OFFICE. Posted 1 month ago
xoheartinohioxo said …
Icon ♥♥♥ Posted 2 months ago
rorymariano commented…
Thank you! <333 2 months ago