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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Did Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Borenanaz actually date or were they just rumours?

25 answers | my answer: as you said,they were some rumours but i'm pretty s...

don't you think that jack o'connel is fantastic playing cook?

8 answers | my answer: I think all the cast is doing a GREAT job!And defin...
Twilight Series

Is anyone else here on Team Rosalie? :)

11 answers | my answer: I am so Team Rosalie!!!!!!She's the best character ...
Eurovision Song Contest

The countries that passed to the Final from the Second Semi-Final... So what do you think about them? Which song was ur favourite?

11 answers | my answer: Cyprus!!!!!!
Eurovision Song Contest

So after watching the second semi-final what songs overall,you like the most.? Which is your top 10..!? Will you vote for any..?

9 answers | my answer: Spain Armenia Albania Greece Cyprus It's not...
Miley Cyrus

is miley a better singer than selenab gomez?

9 answers | my answer: well,I pretty much HATE Hannah Montana!It's for 10 ...
Bellatrix Lestrange

Did any of you guys like the part when Bella killed Sirius?

8 answers | my answer: Of course I did!Sirius annoyed me so much!

Just for fun name some random fact about your favorite male fictional character and your favorite female fictional character (can be anything)

5 answers | my answer: My fave male character,who is Angel from BtVS,is a ...

Are you listening to music right now? If you are what song is it?

65 answers | my answer: Because of you-Kelly Clarkson

Who is your least favorite vampire and your most favorite one?

29 answers | my answer: Fave:Angel(BtVS),Spike(BtVS),Salvatore brothers(TVD...