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Rosemina's Favourite Disney Princesses LIst

Opinion posted 11 months ago
Disney Princess I have been a Fanpop and Disney Princess club member for two years. Yes, it took me so long to decide on my favourite Disney Princess list. Well, to be honest, I belayed it that much, because 1) I am ridiculously lazy and 2) I hadn't seen some of the movies. Now that I 've watched all of them, here's my (most probably quite unpopular) list.

13. Ariel
In my opinion, Ariel is extremely popular, because her beauty, mermaid nature, voice, drama queen behaviour, and her expressive and extroverted character stand out and hide all her (uncountable) flaws. She's...

Rosemina's Prettiest Disney Princesses List

Opinion posted over a year ago
Disney Princess So, I finally decided to write down an article about my prettiest princesses list. Before continuing with the list, I 'd like to inform you about something. I 've added two characters who are not official princesses. The reason why I did this is that I've not watched many non-princess Disney movies with beautiful females. Had I watched more movies, I 'd propably make a full Disney Female list including Alice, Giselle, the Blue Fairy, Wendy e.t.c. But currently, I love only two, so I thought I shouldn't leave them behind! Now, let's go on with the list.

Pin Up beats Photoshop

Article posted over a year ago
Pin Up Girls Have you ever wondered what was happening before the era of Photoshop, whereas all the photos are edited, all mistakes are erased and then we see this perfect result in spots and magazines?Well, before this era there was a magician, named Gil Elvgren, one of the most important artists of the 20th century.
Relying only on his abilities and a black and white photo of each model, this man transformed the pictures to pieces of pure art. He added colour and created beautiful colourful images, many of which were used in product advertising.

The nine best Greek islands according to CNN

News posted over a year ago
Greece CNN channel ranked the nine best Greek islands based on the most unique advantage of each one of them. CNN offered to the audience a variety of information and photos of the islands and urged people visit them.

The winners according to CNN are:

Santorini for most beautiful landscape

Mykonos for best nightlife

Naxos as the most traditional destination


Greece Travelling: A helping hand to choose where to go

Guide posted over a year ago
Greece A truth about Greece is that if you decide to travel there, you 'll have a hard time choosing where to go. The big deal about Greece is not her islands or ancient statues, but a huge diversity which combines all of these and many more in a small country. So I'll list all the regions in Greece with a little information for tourists :)

Greek Mainland
Greek mainland consists of these regions: Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece and Peloponnese.