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pugmasiesson said …
Thank you for you ideas they help me to write a new book Posted over a year ago
myerstrode78 said …
Ah yes, I am also a creature of the night. My friends are few but loyal. Come join my dark embrace? Posted over a year ago
mia444 gave me props for my articles
Hey what's up?Would you like to join my clubs? They are for everyone that loves the Twilight Saga movies and cast the link's are link and link and link and link Pattinson's future wives I'd really appreciate it if you joined and if you want me to join something for you just let me know. I'm Mia btw it's nice to meet you Posted over a year ago
kevinh3 said …
hi nice to meet you, i also like vampires Posted over a year ago
Elle-C gave me props for my comments
What a humorous and too true motto! Thankfully, we've also got friends to grab us a trash can and hold back our hair! Posted over a year ago
Phangirl7 said …
Glad to see you like the book Speak, too. It's kind of inspiring in a way. Have you read Wintergirls, also by the same author? It deals with eating disorders. Posted over a year ago
IsidoraSmiley said …
Do you still think your best friend is a werewolf? Posted over a year ago
Starscream112 said …
You are the absolute best! Posted over a year ago
loverocks gave me props for my videos
O.K I just watched what you posted once of the movie Bridge to tarabithea (I don't know how to spell that) because I have watched it once or twice and it once again brot me tears...thank you so much fore doing such a magical thing on Fanpop. Posted over a year ago
sextygirl commented…
yo what up dog this kasey over a year ago
sextygirl commented…
add me over a year ago
haley_scott gave me props for my articles
N........NICE •✿
P........PATIENT•✿ Posted over a year ago