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sarabeara said to LifesGoodx3
Yeah, I've been going back and watching past seasons. I watched season 6 and recently finished season 10, where I fell in love with the awesomeness that is Dan. The way he manipulates people and gets out of tough situations is incredible.
Any recommendations for seasons I should watch next? I think I'm gonna watch season 14 next to see more Dan (and Janelle), but any I should watch after that? I've heard season 2 and 3 are really good.

Yeah, it was because of Donny... Posted 5 hours ago
sarabeara commented…
I don't understand how Cody is so damn spineless. Like has he never seen an episode of BB before? You can't be friends with every person in the house. And they should really get Caleb out now because he will crush everyone in physical challenges and could be a major threat later on. But I guess that makes too much sense. sigh 5 hours ago
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Also, Derrick is kind of a skeeze. I don't watch the feeds but I always check for updates on ontdbb and apparently Derrick keeps hitting on Victoria and that's so no bueno. His wife isn't happy about it and keeps saying nasty things about Victoria on twitter (typical. blame the woman and not the man). The funniest thing imo is Christine's husband getting angry on twitter over her constantly cuddling with Cody. Hopefully the first thing Christine gets when she's kicked out of the house is divorce papers! 5 hours ago
sarabeara said to LifesGoodx3
Caleb is the freaking definition of Nice Guy Syndrome. He bothers me so much. At least he seems to be realizing that Amber will never like him back no matter what he does, so there's that. I still want him gone though.
Yeah, Derrick is cool too. I think he's literally running things in the house now and no one seems to realize it. lol.
Team America is ehhh. Like you said, their tasks have been really easy. The one where they said Zach was cousins with Amanda was funny... Posted 6 days ago
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But still really easy. Hopefully the next challenge will be harder. I kind of want Brittany to leave this week. Honestly I forget she exists half the time, and her moaning about "oh I'm just so old and over it" and "I'm not like all the other girls because I'm not sucking up to Cody blah blah" and "it's just so insulting to be compared to Victoria wah wah" is getting on my damn nerves. 6 days ago
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Huh, that's odd. I wonder why they wait so long to tell you who your roomie is. Do you think you'll get in contact with her after you find out, or will wait until you get there to start talking? 6 days ago
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Just read some spoilers and I take back my comment about Derrick being cool. Fuck him and fuck Cody and fuck Frankie. 6 days ago
sarabeara said to LifesGoodx3
I honestly didn't start watching BB until my roommate made me watch it last season and I got hooked. I'm really loving this season though. Zach is my fav too. Such a bitch but so entertaining/honest/funny <3 Caleb though. Caleb needs to leave like now. He's the definition of a Nice Guy with Amber. So creepy.
Aside from Zach I also really like Nicole, Donny, and Cody. Wbu?
Devin had a daughter? Seriously? I had no idea. I did feel bad for him though before he left. Posted 9 days ago
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He came off as such a paranoid sociopath on the show, but he still had moments where he was a decent guy (confessing to Donny, saving Brittany). I kind of wish they would've gotten rid of Caleb first but oh well. 9 days ago
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Wait. Do you not know who your roommate is until you get there? 9 days ago
sarabeara said to LifesGoodx3
Nah, I had brought a change of clothes so I could be comfortable for bowling. I'm sooo not a dress/skirt kind of girl so I remember being so relieved to be back in a pair of shorts. lol
Humidity ruins everything, I swear. But I'm glad everything worked out despite the weather!
Honestly, 22 Jump Street is so much better than the first one. The first one is incredibly overrated and has too much swearing (I know that sounds weird since it's an R movie but I hate when... Posted 10 days ago
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R movies put in a RIDICULOUS amount of cussing just because they can. 22 Jump Street was a lot better with that). 10 days ago
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O. M. G. !!!!!!!! You get to take a class on HARRY POTTER?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I am so JEALOUS!!! That honestly sounds like the most amazing thing ever. I wish my school had fun classes like that :( 10 days ago
sarabeara said to irene3095
every living thing in this world deserves to be treated equally with love and kind and respect

Oh, so everything except Ariana Grande? You hypocrites are so funny :) Posted 13 days ago
sarabeara said about Fanpop
So is the "Top Current Contributors" list never going to update ever again? Every spot I'm on as a top contributor still uses the icon I had over 3 weeks ago... Posted 21 days ago
nmdis commented…
^Really irritating thing. 20 days ago
vegeta007 commented…
My friend has a Fanatic medal in a club but on the Top Contributors list it's still a Die Hard one 20 days ago
dontmindmeyo commented…
Yeah, same here. I'm worried about it :/ 19 days ago
IllusionDolls commented…
My icon on the contributor lists hasn't been updated in over a month, I think. 13 days ago
sarabeara said to sini12
You only get off school on sundays??? OMG. If you don't mind me asking, where are you from? :O

Haha, Sini you're really funny :) I love how much you love Dan, it's adorable! I can honestly say I respect him too. He recently talked about the concept of the "friendzone" and it made me appreciate him.

As for my crush? Recently it's Bob Morley (plays Bellamy Blake in The 100), but my #1 crush will always be Harry Styles...though he looks a bit greasy lately. lol Posted 1 month ago
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Also I see you love Lana Del Rey!!! I saw her in concert a few weeks ago! And what do you think of her new album? 1 month ago
sarabeara said about Fanpop
Fanpop's time stamp is also messed up. I posted a new forum topic on a spot at 1:50am my time and it said I posted it at 5:50am. ¯\(°_o)/¯ Posted 1 month ago
sarabeara said about Fanpop
So are updates not working for anyone else? My last update was 9 hours ago... Posted 1 month ago
nmdis commented…
Nope I am not having any problem 1 month ago
DarkSarcasm commented…
I just noticed that too. The hell? 1 month ago
nmdis commented…
Now mine is messed up too 1 month ago
sarabeara said to BlindBandit92
Haha, it's totally cool. I just responded to your message and hopefully cleared up a bit of what I was saying as well. :) Posted 1 month ago