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sarabeara said to semexx
Truce? Posted 20 days ago
sarabeara said to semexx
Please respond. I'll be waiting with bated breath. Posted 21 days ago
sarabeara said to lzzie
Hey gurrrl haaaaaaaayyyyy!

And excuse u, if I had thousands of medals I would be bragging non-stop ;) No but seriously, I've been on this website for like 5 years so they sort of just racked up.

I'm Sara and it's nice to meet you! Posted 3 months ago
lzzie commented…
Haha, I know :3 And I will achieve that status soon, so watch yer back >.> Oh, and I'm Elsa (or Izzie) ^.^ 3 months ago
sarabeara said to jazzy1324
My OTP? You mean in any show or in Teen Wolf? Posted 7 months ago
jazzy1324 commented…
Teen Wolf :) 7 months ago
sarabeara said to Mrs-X
So. Last night after my class was over I went to Chipotle (idk if they have those in Canada, but it's a Mexican food restaurant) which is on Marshall Street. I was there from about 8-9pm. I find out today that DAVE FRANCO went to this restaurant called Faegans which is also on Marshall Street. Dave. Franco. Fucking Dave Franco, one of the loves of my life. I was *this* close to possibly meeting him. Posted 7 months ago
sarabeara commented…
Marshall Street is a VERY small street, and if only I would've gone to Chipotle an hour later I could've run into Dave and McLovin from Superbad. I don't even KNOW why they were in Syracuse but I am PISSED. 7 months ago
sarabeara said to Piyal
Just contribute quality stuff to a spot. And make sure to properly credit/tag images and videos. If you're active enough you'll eventually get a fanatic medal. Posted 8 months ago
Erm, help you how? Like give you advice? Posted 8 months ago
sarabeara said to cataclysm450
I don't find the twins attractive but WOWWW I would never go so far as to want them off the show. They seem like nice guys in real life (from the videos I've seen) and that's really rude to try to get them removed just because they're not someone's definition of hot. Posted 10 months ago
sarabeara said to cataclysm450
I really liked episode 2, it was pretty amazing.

The whole condom thing was hilarious in my opinion xD Though I'm not sure why Stiles hadn't changed his jeans by the next day for school (or else he wouldn't have had the condom in his pocket). lol.

I must ask, what is your opinion on the twins? Do you think they're attractive? Posted 10 months ago
sarabeara said to luvhoranhugs
Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Louis. That's my order. What's yours?
And yeah we can talk on your wall Posted 10 months ago
luvhoranhugs commented…
niall,zayn,louis,liam,harry 10 months ago
sarabeara commented…
haha. that's really funny that my favorite is your least favorite 10 months ago
sarabeara commented…
and omg is that really niall in that shower photo? 10 months ago
luvhoranhugs commented…
i wish/ i think it is it looks alot like him but HE claimes it aint him so..... 10 months ago