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New Moon - When Edward isn't there

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
I shouldn't think about her, not now..
I know she followed me into the forest when I left her, maybe she got lost. No, leave it! Bella's not stupid, she will survive. It is for her own good that I'm now trying to find Victoria, so she won't meet any vampires in her life anymore. 'Edward, are you OK?' Ofcourse, I could have known Jasper would feel my anxious mood. Since I left I didn't pay enough attention to the thoughts around me. 'Sure, Jasper, I'm fine, don't worry about me.' We were running South, where Alice told us she saw Victoria, but we didn't find her trail yet. 'You're...

Nelson meets Puk

Article posted over a year ago
It was a warm summer day and Nelson (my labrador) and I were playing in the garden.
It was al very nice and happy untill the neighbours cat Puk escaped and jumped over our fence. Nelson didn't notice, but I did and I said:
Nelson! Poesjes! because Nelson doens't speak English. For the people who read this and didn't understand it I'll translate it:
Nelson! Kitties!
Normally we say this when somebody comes he likes, so he looked for nice people, but ofcourse the only nice person was me :) and then...

Lyrics of Bríd Óg Ní Mháille with translation

Opinion posted over a year ago
Is a Bhríd Óg Ní Mháille
'S tú d'fhág mo chroí cráite
'S chuir tú arraingeacha
An bháis fríd cheartlár mo chroí
Tá na céadta fear i ngrá
Le d'éadan ciúin náireach
Is go dtug tú barr breáchtacht'
Ar Thír Oirghiall más fíor

Níl ní ar bith is áille
Ná'n ghealach os cionn a' tsáile r
Ná bláth bán na n-airne
Bíos ag fás ar an draighean
Ó siúd mar bíos mo ghrá-sa
Níos trilsí le breáchtacht

What do you think?

Opinion posted over a year ago
Here are some questions wich you can fill in as a comment. Always nice to know what people think, right?

1) Do you live in Dublin?

2) If you don't live in Dublin: Where are you from and why did you go to Dublin?

3) Who is your favourite celebrity from Dublin?

4) What's your favourite building in Dublin?

5) Do you like the Millenium Spine?

6) What's your favourite park in Dublin?

7) What's your favourite pub?

Chain of Fools lyrics

Opinion posted over a year ago
Chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, chain
Chain, chain, chain, chain of fools
Five long years I thought you were my man
But I found out I'm just a link in your chain
You got me where you want me
I ain't nothing but your fool
You treated me mean oh you treated me cruel
Chain, chain, chain, chain of fools

Every chain has got a weak link
I might be weak child, but I'll give you strength
You told me to leave you alone