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Keyvon gave me props for my polls
Can I be a fan of your wall Posted over a year ago
ShadowFangrl gave me props for my comments
Heya! I'm back! Posted over a year ago
CosmoDoll gave me props for my images
Hi im Mimi Rose nice to meet you ^-^ Posted over a year ago
SkipperFan gave me props for my comments
Hey ... omg ... Rachel The Hedgehog is my OC's name!! Let's be friends!!! :D :D:D:D Posted over a year ago
SkipperFan commented…
( Note : BTW, I'm called SkipperFan cus' I like Skipper from The Penguins of Madagascar ) not that u care, really. My real name is Rachel too . Lol .. isn't that funny we both have the same names? ( As hedgehogs ) over a year ago
shadowkissesme commented…
Yeah i agree ^-^ over a year ago
LunaAcores94 gave me props for my videos
Before 2010 ends, please tell I LOVE YOU to 15 of your best friends. If you fail to do so, 2011 won't be a good year for you. So, I LOVE YOU my dear friend. ♥ ♥ ♥ :) Posted over a year ago
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HAPPY NEW YEARS!^-^ Posted over a year ago
shadowkissesme commented…
Happy New Years to you too ^-^ over a year ago
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just a christmas prop for you, for being my best friend and loving rock music :) have a merry christmas Posted over a year ago
shadowkissesme commented…
8D Awwwwwwww! *Hug* Tanks man ;3 Wish you and everyone else here a VERY late Christmas ; over a year ago
krishathehedgie commented…
lol thnx over a year ago
blazeroxs gave me props for my comments
ma bad i wanted to chat but yea i wanted to check my messages. anywho ill try to chat with you when im not busy with skool crap
see ya :) Posted over a year ago
blazeroxs commented…
and when is Rai's b-day? over a year ago
shadowkissesme commented…
Rai's Birthday is Oct. 3 over a year ago
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good!!!!^^ Posted over a year ago
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You get, a PROP! 83 Posted over a year ago
shadowkissesme commented…
Aw ! ^-^ Thanks man X3 over a year ago