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Fan fiction posted over a year ago
(Note: This is told from Silhouette's point of view, and this takes place in the future)

Click, click, click I listened to the sound of my heels clamp against the damp sidewalk. It was already dark, and some clouds drifted among the sky. The city I was in was rather calming mood, with bronze and dull gold buildings, and black street-lanterns lining the copper-tiled sidewalks. A gorgeous fountain every other block or so. With winter on the way, there was snow scatted on the ground, like an infestation. I was wearing what I usually did, black boot-like heels, black...

MY Top 5 MLP Couples/shippings

Opinion posted over a year ago
5. Shining Armor X Princess Cadance
I think they go rather cutely together, but the main reason I like them is because it is an actual couple. Probably one of the only couples that's been made official by the show. (Aside from a possible "Mac X Cheerilee" which just barely didn't make this list)

4. Cranky X Matilda
Well, yes, this is also an actual couple. I like this one better than Shining Armor and Cadance because of their love story. I found it adorable that they met at the Gala,and found each other again after so long. (But really...


List posted over a year ago
Pictures for your enjoyment!~ :D

She's one of the sweetest people on Fanpop!~
She's so nice to everyone!~
A friend of mine in real life, she's hardly ever on here.~

Because my computer is letting me write articles again.....

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Title: A sleepover with my LEAST favorite person.
(Note: Told from Silhouette's POV)

I followed the hyper, aqua-blue hedgehog inside her home. Sure, her home only exsisted in the cyber-space of my mind, but a home is a home, right? She skipped inside joyfully as I gloomily took a look at the outside of the house. The bright colors and and silly decorations made me sick to my metallic-stomach. Was I really doing this? Was I really gonna have a sleep over with Astrid? But we had made a bet, I lost, and I shouldn't make promises I can't keep. I carried a dark pink bag...

This Day Aria-Lyrics

Article posted over a year ago
Queen of Changelings: This day is going to be perfect, the kind of day of which I've dreamed since I was small, everypony will gather round, say I look lovely in my gown, what they don't know is that I have fooled them all!

Princess Cadence: This day was going to be perfect, the kind of day of which I've dreamed since I was small, but instead of having cake, with all my friends to celebrate, my wedding bells, they may not ring for me at all!

Queen of Changelings: I could care less about the dress, I won't partake in any cake! Vows? Well, I'll be lying when I say, that...