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the first day i met you part 2

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
warning:may contain kissing that may offend or scare other people who are small or not older thank you

the sun rose from the sky taking it's place from the moon the air smelled really good because of the flowers that are in the zoo and the good morning smell Marlene woke up yawning and yawing she then went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth and ate breakfast and notice that Brandon was not at his bed she then looked around to find him but found out he was just at the bathroom he then came out and walked to sit down as Brandon was doing that Marlene fell and was about to...

the first day i met you

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
this is dedicated to my best friend Brandon Rock on Man!

the first day:
it was a typical day at the central park zoo everybody was visiting the habitat's kids where looking at the Animals Alice had to show the little kids the penguins and the other people from the school and it hit 12:00 everybody went to the gates of the zoo making there way out Alice was pushing this man who had this cotton candy in his hand come on come on! move it or lose it buddy Alice then got the the cotton candy sorry buddy to slow!thank god closing time the animals just rest and ate and did what...

skipper secret brother and fell in love, part4

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
S:skipper k:killer M:Marlene h: Henry B:Brittney k:Karla K:kowalski p:Private R:Rico A:alice

while skipper and his brother go to her office they see the other penguins
k:helps us
r: hlp su ples translation( help us please

h: help us killer
B:help me
k: help get us out

while they do the plan that skipper told his brother all of a sudden Alice comes out and knocks out skipper
SB: skipper! skipper wake up i guess its up to me

skippers secret brother and in love, part 3

Opinion posted over a year ago
M:Marlene S:skipper k: Kowalski k: killer R: Rico P; private H: Henry B:Brittany K: Karla a: Alice
when killerr went to is HQ his crew was all watching TV
h: hello killer
b: hey killer
k: hey killer nice body

everybody stares at Karla and everybody quiet
k:...... uh i mean hi killer how are you
it was the night everybody has gone asleep but skippers team skipper and his team was asleep
k:team follow me leed

everybody fallow's killer into their Hq

skipper's secret brother that fell in love, part 2

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
S:Skipper; K:Kowalski; P: Private; R: Rico; h: Henry b:Brittany k: Karla k:killer m
while skipper and his brother were fighting they both went back to there HQ and skippers team was doing a mission about they been hearing strange noises around the zoo while skipper team figures that out his brother finished their mission
so when his brother went to Marlene's habitat skipper followed him

... Marlene habitat
k: hey Marlene
m: hey killer

m: i was wondering when we kissed did you really say you liked me