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slayer123 said about Spuffy
spuffy fan not spiffy :3 Posted over a year ago
slayer123 said about Spuffy
If you are a spiffy Fab but you don't like how buffy ended with spike dying than you should join wattpad and search one last chance it's like a season 8 of buffy where there is a happy ending for spiffy Posted over a year ago
slayer123 said about Community
i love troy and abed in the morning LOL
i just finished the second season Posted over a year ago
slayer123 said about Dexter
on the last episode of the first season its an awesome show!! Posted over a year ago
squinty95 commented…
the first season is the best :) over a year ago
i just started a buffy diary where i write about every episode of buffy hopefully that will stop me from talking about it to much Posted over a year ago
cooldarkness commented…
coolz, soundz awesome over a year ago
i only just started watching the first season its is a great show Posted over a year ago
slayer123 said about Ringer
i love ringer but i missed like 3 episodes so now im waiting for it to come out on dvd hopefully its soon Posted over a year ago
slayer123 said to buffyl0v3r44
buffy is awesome so's charmed angel and supernatural :D the rock!!!! Posted over a year ago
buffyl0v3r44 commented…
totally agree!!!! :D over a year ago
slayer123 said to roxstar225
thanks for the add Posted over a year ago
roxstar225 commented…
its okk over a year ago
slayer123 said about Dean Winchester
Dean is the hottest person alive Posted over a year ago
Lili-chan commented…
with certainty, both in character as the actor. over a year ago
kplovesedward commented…
so totaly true :) over a year ago
vidvida commented…
cant agree more !!! over a year ago
sassyvampire commented…
i totally agree over a year ago