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anniewannie gave me props for my articles
Hey sis! :D How're you? Sorry for not coming on as much - studies just block my way! :)) _Next week, I'm going to go all out on my exams so that's why :). _I hope you're well! I'm getting worried about you coz you're not posting anything on my wall or messaging me and stuff!! :)). Reply back soon coz I want to hear from you soon! :))
C ya sis~
Ann Posted over a year ago
snootygirl50701 commented…
I'm sorry! I barely have time to get on any more since this website gave my phone a virus! ♥ U! over a year ago
Dhampires gave me props for my comments
Awes pewee don't leave please don't Posted over a year ago
BeautifulBlaze commented…
I would tel her the same thing, but if she wishes to do this, then so be it. over a year ago
snootygirl50701 commented…
to Dhampires: hey its okay. i might come back but trust me- i have to clean up and get myself right. alright- I'll promise you something if you promise too- Promise to you and only you. dig deep down inside and grab the nature soil of the solution my dear friend. Love you~ see: ♥_♥ lol, thankies over a year ago
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Friendship is like a gold : it's precious
Friendship is like a light : you can turn it on
Friendship is like a gift : it gives pleasure
Friendship is like a scent : you smell it
Friendship is like music : you listen to it
Friendship is like food : you must not waste it
Friendship is like home : it helps to live
Friendship is like a person : it's priceless
Friendship is like you and me : Hand in hand.. Posted over a year ago
snootygirl50701 commented…
aww, thank you sweetie!!! over a year ago
anniewannie gave me props for my images
Hey Maria-chan! ^^ How are you?
Props for you! ^^ Posted over a year ago
snootygirl50701 commented…
aww, thankiewankies Annie! you're so sweet! over a year ago
anniewannie commented…
You're welcome sis! ^^ Hope you're well! over a year ago
Lancelot8 gave me props for my comments
Are you on? I'm soooooooooo bored... Posted over a year ago
snootygirl50701 commented…
yeppie yep *cookies* :D over a year ago
snootygirl50701 commented…
okay, I'll tell you where and when it's done, how about that? over a year ago
Lancelot8 commented…
Sounds fine. over a year ago
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Harribel gave me props for my images
Hi! Thanks for adding me back ^^ Posted over a year ago
snootygirl50701 commented…
,of course! i'm sooooo sorry it yook over a year ago
snootygirl50701 commented…
*took FOREVER to fanback' over a year ago
Shadowolf18 gave me props for my links
Thanks for adding me back Grace! Your amazing! Posted over a year ago
snootygirl50701 commented…
awww, thank you! sorry it took FOREVER fir me to add back!!! over a year ago
Shadowolf18 commented…
awww thats alright! Thanks again! :D over a year ago
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anniewannie gave me props for my pop quiz questions
Hey Maria! ^^
What's up??? ^^ Things happened way too fast today but ended well. Like I say, "All's well, end's well!" (and by 'today' I mean like Fanpop-day, like on Fanpop if you're confused) ^^ Posted over a year ago
snootygirl50701 commented…
ya i understand,i'm pretty mad tpday. over a year ago
anniewannie commented…
Really? What happened? You don't have to tell me if you're still steamed up about it ^^ I'll understand. over a year ago
snootygirl50701 commented…
if you messagw me i'll tell ya sister! :) over a year ago
anniewannie commented…
Okay :) over a year ago
NordicVeronica1 gave me props for my images
Thanks for the add - I made sure to add you back. :) Posted over a year ago
snootygirl50701 commented…
thankies for the add back, thanks for joining Dream Diary. over a year ago
deathding gave me props for my images
your picture is so cute u should keep it! sorry i havnt been online,i was at a tennis tournement,i got your messeges 2, see ya later! Posted over a year ago
deathding commented…
please dont tell me your not going to quit fanpop over a year ago
snootygirl50701 commented…
my gesture is that i will stay but maybe not. over a year ago
snootygirl50701 commented…
i might be on some time ^_^ over a year ago