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The Wedding Par Duex chp. 19 (Finale)

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Everyone was gathered together in the main clearing outside of the palaces. Julien and Marlene were huddled together, with their paws grasping each others, waiting for Kowalski and Private to arrive with the rocket. Marie had momentarily gone back to her palace to gather some subjects. Savio was there in the clearing as well and he had been tied into a large knot that he couldn't get out of by himself. Some subjects had come and taken Zera away and torn her dress to shreds. Marlene herself was no longer wearing her gown. Dave, Rico, and Skipper were approaching the two.

The Wedding Par Duex chp. 18

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Marlene still struggled in Savio's mighty grip. She had been at it for so long that she was now growing fatigued. Savio didn't mind it, he loved it when his prey struggled. It reminded him of that he the one was in control of the situation. His stomach growled loudly and he began to grow a little antsy.

"Zera can we hurry this up? I'm starving," Savio complained.

Zera ignored him and pressed Marie on once more. Marie herself was feeling a bit antsy as well. She was being forced to wed her son to this lemur she hated and the end would be the same no matter what she...

The Wedding Par Duex chp. 17

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Marlene looked from Marie to Zera and then back to Marie.

"Uh Marie? Who is that woman?" Marlene asked.

Marie sighed and said, "She was a servant girl in my palace sometime ago. She always had a thing for my son. And she was always very obsessive."

Zera chuckled and said, "Sweet talk won't save either one of you."

Marlene gulped as Savio began to squeeze her tighter.

"So what happened?" Marlene managed to say as Savio loosened his hold on her a little bit.

The Wedding Par Duex chp. 16

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
The guys were busy trudging through the jungle again. This time they were traveling in the opposite direction and away from the lemur kingdom. They were also very quiet now, because they had now lost their friend. All this way they had come, only to have to go home without her. It was a lot for all of them to bear.

"Skippa? Are you going to be alright?" Private asked their leader, breaking the silence.

Skipper didn't answer, but instead he kept marching through the jungle. Private turned to Dave with worry clear on his face.

The Wedding Par Duex chp. 15

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Skipper sat panting in the middle of the aisle as Marlene, Julien, and many of the lemurs that were gathered there turned to look at him. Skipper could feel the many eyes staring at him as he tried to catch his breath. He stood up and got into his defensive stance. He glared around and looked back up to the alter. Both Marlene and and Julien stared with their mouthes wide open.

"S-skipper? What are you doing here?" Marlene said as she walked down towards him.

Skipper was starting to feel less pressure on his chest now as he looked back at Marlene. She looked even...