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deathding said …
? Posted over a year ago
xArendelle gave me props for my images
Nice Dave Strider icon! :) Posted over a year ago
silverstream101 said …
hey man....u havnt been on in awhile! Posted over a year ago
thespecialluma commented…
yea, I know. school and all.... a lot of things happened while I was gone. over a year ago
thespecialluma said … better. Posted over a year ago
silverstream101 gave me props for my images
Thanks ^_^ Posted over a year ago
silverstream101 said …
Heres the link ^^
link Posted over a year ago
silverstream101 said …
I finished Corri ^^ shes in my galary and on the Fan Characters spot ^^ oh and i made her as she was in the Arabian Nights time not modern Posted over a year ago
silverstream101 gave me props for my images
She looks great! Thanks ^^ Posted over a year ago
thespecialluma commented…
welcome. ^_^...just hope your day is well. over a year ago
Please visit<>
I dont know if tha link worked, but this place has lots of info on legend of zelda, it also has its own forum based roleplay wher you can be a legend of zelda character, this place is massive and it would be a shame if the collosus crumbled because of a lack of attention.
I kno u cant use the link but copy and paste it into your url bar and visit this place. Its in dire straits. Posted over a year ago
thespecialluma commented…
i added a link to this site in the links section, ive also started a fan club on this. save this place!!! over a year ago
Please, visit this site, get started on hyrule adventures 2. This place will die without your help. Posted over a year ago